Steam-Heart's Screenshots

User Screenshots

PC-98 version

Title screen
Immediately attacked...
Typical conversation screen
Those bastards attack from the side
What are you looking at?!..
Encouraging Continue screen
These guys look cool, but I should dispose of them quickly
Now I know why there is this pollution problem

SEGA Saturn version

Title screen
Before diving into the action, there's some chatting between the characters
Evading a swarm of enemies
Enemy infested bridge
Trying to deal with the enemy waves with scattered shots

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
Choosing your character: boy or girl?
Okay, stop shouting. I'm working on it!
Your basic weapon. Not much against those two pesky guys, eh?
Much better now! Ate an "L" letter and now I can destroy everything in front of me
The first boss
Cool! Got an upgrade that allows me to shoot to the sides
Made it!
The post-stage erotic cut-scene (the reason to play this game!) begins!
Once again: do I need to explain why I love Turbo CD?..
Milady, I shall continue my quest! The sight of your large... ehh... eyes will encourage me further!
Beginning Stage Two
I wanna get those upgrades!
I'll show you, pesky mechanical devices!
Flying over clouds...
This boss is much easier than the first one
So I did this cosmetic surgery... and now I find it hard to walk
Indoor stage
Green lasers are cool, but those enemies get harder...