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Back of Box - DOS:

    State-of-the-Art Arcade Action!

    In an age when all action games call themselves "state-of-the-art", and boast "incredible animation" and "fantastic sound", it's hard to know what's hot, and what's hot air. The real test comes when you get that first glimpse of the game, hear the first blast of music; does it heat up the screen, or leave you cold?

    With Stellar 7, Dynamix delivers - not just promises - a truly great game. A game so fast, so furious, you'll have to play it again and again. From the opening sequence, a vivid portrayal of the launch of an enemy attack, to the closing screens detailing your dramatic victory or agonizing defeat, Stellar 7 is fast-paced action and a whole lot more.

    How good is this game? Take a look at the front of the box again. That's not simply a cover painting, but an actual screenshot of Stellar 7 in progress. If we weren't sure that Stellar 7 was the best action around, would we do that?

    Stellar 7 - It's truly State-Of-The-Art arcade action.

    Engage forces on seven different worlds before facing evil overlord Gir Draxon himself, in a hair-raising final battle.

    Utilize special weapons such as the Bi-Phasal Thunder Cannon, an Inviso-Cloak, Eel shields and more.

    • State-of-the-art technology and visually stunning graphics.
    • New and improved 3Space technology including full 256 color support, animations and faster running speed.
    • Astonishing hand-painted planetary backgrounds - a unique look for every planet.
    • Over 20 different enemies, each with strategic intelligence all their own.
    • Exciting animated sequences between levels illustrate your progress as you battle your way to the final confrontation.
    • Incredible sound effects and more than 14 musical scores with full sound support.
    • Supports keyboard, mouse and joystick.

    Contributed by Roedie (5246) on Mar 30, 2006.