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atari yars

Street Sports Basketball Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Epyx presents...
Street Sports Basketball.
Playing in the suburbs.
He's got the ball.
Playing in an alley.

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Choose a setting
You'll always be tossers to me
One of the available players
Ready to play
The match gets underway
Nasty puddle
Missed the basket
The girls can join in too
Alley Hoops

Apple II version

Title Screen
Choose Control Scheme
Choosing your Team
Let's Take Vic
Starting a Game in the Back Alley
Taking the Shot
Playing in the Schoolyard
Sprinting Down the Court
Starting a Game in the City
Scoring my 2nd Point

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Choose your court
Will player 2 be human or the computer?
OK, how skillful will the computer be?
I dub thee "MobyGames"!
Call the coin flip to see who picks the first player.
I called 'heads' and the coin was flipped.
It was tails. The other team picks first.
Now I pick.
Starting the game at the school court.
Whoosh! Blue Team has a basket.
Slam dunk!
Blue Team won.
Starting a game in the alley court.
Starting a game in the suburbs court.
Starting a game in the city court.

DOS version

Options screen
Choose your court
Dana's profile
Butch's profile
Butch brings the ball down the court - School court
Butch goes up for the shot - School court
Ralph with the ball under the basket - City court
Green Team wins! - City court
Chase for the ball - City court
Butch knocked down - City court
Score! - Suburbs court
Title Screen
Flipping a coin to decide who gets to pick first
Two teams ready for the tip
Losing the ball while dribbling over the garden hose
Running across oil will make you tumble
Title screen (Hercules Monochrome)
Setting up a new game (Hercules Monochrome)
Choose score to play up (Hercules)
Choose score to play up
Jump ball (Hercules)
Jump ball
Goal (Hercules)
Winner!! (Hercules)
First up to 20 are the winners!!
Select Skill Level
Select Team
Team selected by coin
Title 2
Slam Dunk by woman (Wow!!)
play again with the same team?
Do you want play again?
Chose Tails Wins First Pick
Dana's profile
Ralph's profile
Melissa's profile
Magic's profile
Vic's profile
Radar's profile