Street Sports Football Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Title screen
Choose a human or computer opponent.
Choose a field to play on.
Flipping a coin to see who gets first pick at players.
Vic's profile.
Julie's profile.
Ralph's profile.
Game options.
Field 1 - getting ready for kick off
Field 2 - the ball is in the air

Commodore 64 version

Loading screen.
Play a game or design plays?
Play on the street .......
...... or on a building site?
Play against a human or computer?
Selecting your team.
Option screen.
The battlefield.
Selecting a play.
Huh huh snap.
Just been tackled.
Only 1 yard to go.
Play book - make your own custom plays.
Creating a custom play.
Choosing formation for custom play.
Choose heads or tails.
Flipping a coin to see which teams gets to pick players first.
Field 2 - Building site
Field 2 - Complete pass
Field 2 - Incomplete pass
Field 2 - Vic makes a touch down
Field 2 - The ball is flying through the air.
Field - Run, man! Run! Running to make a touch down.