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Strider Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Loading screen
Title screen
Starting a new game
Fighting on level one
Fighting the big wrestler
Entering the boss chamber
Battling the centipede man boss
Completed level one
The robot gorilla in level two
Fighting gymnasts in level two

Amstrad CPC version

Carried by a ship
Level 1
Hanging onto a wall for support
Using your blade
Jumping down
Halfway Boss
Strider gets killed by a robot
Level 2
A huge robotic dog
Bomb on parachute
Level 3
Ooh, I like you!
In between two statues
Walking diagonally
Level 4
Floating turrets
A huge planet?
Level 5

Arcade version

The screen appears for a brief moment before the title screen
Title screen
With enough credits you can play 1 or 2-player game (hot seat)
Kazakh SSR - classic
1st stage
Gore effects
First miniboss
Big gun
Commie mutant
Stage 1 clear
Somewhere in Syberia I guess
Giant monkey robot
Upside down
More climbing
Enemy with jetpack
Winter forest (with land mines)
Gotta run fast to escape the explosions
Floating battle fortress
Strider Hiryu in Amazon
Snake boss
Ultimate battle

Atari ST version

Title screen
High score table
Starting level 1
Nothing can stop me!
Huh, game over!

Commodore 64 version

Arriving with the glider
Found a protective power-up
The first mid-boss
Laser barriers
Ice level
A huge boss
Climbing a wall
Another mono-coloured level
This amazon throws axes

DOS version

Title screen
The Grandmaster speaks
Start of the game after dropping off your hang glider
Slicing up the opposition
Mid level boss, a flying strongman
Scaling the wall with your hooks
Avoid the lasers
End of level boss made up of the board members. The animation in the DOS version is very limited.
Stage 1 clear!
Comments from the peanut gallery
Stage 2, wild dogs
The Mechanical Ape, a mid-level boss
You can hop from wall to wall with your hooks
Watch out for the kung-fu girls
The Grandmaster threatens you at the end of each stage
Slice and dice the boomerang man
Kill the dinosaur before he impales you
Loading Screen (CGA)
Loading Screen (EGA).
Level 4: Beware with the Droids (EGA).
Level 4: Final Boss (EGA).
Level 5: The Last Level (EGA).

Genesis version

Title screen
On approach to the first level.
Entering the chamber of the first level boss.
All of the members of the governing council merge into a mechanical serpent monster.
Taking on a mechanical gorilla in the second stage.
Leaping down the beautiful mountainside.
Taking on the airship.
This is a weird anti-gravity challenge where Hiryu spins around this mechanical core whilst destroying it.
Swinging through the jungle level.
Quite a pack of amazons.
Casually stroll past a dinosaur.
Fight a mechanical dinosaur.
Final stage
Taking on the boss against a moon backdrop.

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Start of the game, compared to the arcade original this version is missing the stars in the background
First stage - St. Petersburg, the text on the building can be translated as "Women's International Democratic Federation"
The ruling party of Kazakh, they will merge into a centipede-like creature known as Ouroboros
Wolfs attacking in stage 2 - Siberia
Abandoned power plant shoots lightning bolts

SEGA Master System version

The Master?
Title Screen
High Scores
Level 1
Leaping over baddie
I do!

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
Only one hero can save the world! As always...
The city looks like a mixture of Russian and Muslim styles
The hero is dropped by a plane
Life in a spotlight is not for me
Hey look, I can climb walls!..
...and run down a slope! Wee!..
Bosses usually politely display portraits when talking to you
Hehehe, you can't see me, you can't see me...
Mysterious place. Note the pseudo-communist architecture
hey, this is Gorbachev!.. Interesting scene in a communist-like parliament
Fighting a flying serpent boss!..
Good work!..
Zombie Gorbachev?.. With extra hair
Desert environment. Enemies approach
Okay, I will be cautious...
This general turns into a giant sand-burrowing insect. No kidding
Okay, if you insist on a dance first...
Nice wheels, man! Hehe...
Just defeated a huge tank boss!
Snowy region. Fighting animals
You think YOU are a monkey?..
What is this, amusement park?..
Ouch... this boss sends projectiles that need to be destroyed
Run as quickly as you can to avoid mines!..
Jump from helicopter to helicopter
Finally, a female boss! And a pretty one, too...
...and one who performs acrobatic tricks
Let's explore the ship...
Moving platforms... of course
Climb out before the walls squeeze you! Like in Star Wars

ZX Spectrum version

This screen displays while the game loads
The game menu is nice and simple. The time is the standard time for the level, the score is always the highest score for this gaming session
Start of level 1
The game starts with Strider being brought in by air and being dropped onto the platform
Strider is very well drawn and has an impressive attack. The enemies disintegrate nicely too
Leaping is equally impressive. Here he has the height to jump over a flying thing.
This thing is debris from a flying machine. Crouch on it & Press FIRE and it works like a shield
Now there's a swirly thing that will take out enemies too
Took me several goes to make this leap
Having made the leap I'm stuck = Strider cannot jump to the next level - what to do?......
... luckily he climbs automatically while the swirly friend destroys the gun turrets
This guy is tougher than the normal soldiers,
That's finished him but now the roof is on fire and is descending, time to move on
Another up hill climb past gun turrets and more soldiers. Strider is really well animated and drawn

Official Screenshots

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  • Strider Screenshot
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  • Strider Screenshot
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  • Strider Screenshot
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  • Strider Screenshot
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