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Strike Aces Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Fighter Bomber title screen
Strike Aces title screen
Fighter Bomber: short intro with ground crew walking around
No ground crew in the Strike Aces intro
Select a pilot
And now select your aircraft
The mission menu
Ready for take-off (F-4 Phantom cockpit)
The Luftwaffe Tornado IDS
The F-111 Aardvark with full afterburner
Flying above Rapid City
Air-To-Air refueling
You can actually choose your opposing aircraft
Load your aircraft with missiles and bombs
Mission description
Cockpit of the F-111
These targets must be destroyed
Nice bridge
It's the MiG-27 with the conspicuous red star on the fin
Mount Rushmore
Satellite view
Track view of the F-15 Eagle
The enemy fighter is in range...
Weapon view of the Sidewinder chasing the enemy aircraft
Ground target destroyed!
The enemy fighter closing in
A gas station
Pilot's log
3D view of another selectable aircraft
Short information on each aircraft
The mission description screen for the US release
Making a landing approach with the SAAB Viggen.
The Swedish fighter is taking off.
My aircraft was damaged, I had to bail out.

Atari ST version

Title screen
Game/Pilot menu (save games)
Creating pilot: selecting aircraft (2D view)
Creating pilot: selecting aircraft (3D view)
A wide variety of planes can be chosen: also a Russian Mig is can be selected
Plane info
Another aircraft must be selected afterwards: the enemy one.
Main pilot menu: play missions or create them
Mission menu
Flying: cockpit view
Free view
Tower view: that small black dot in the center is my Mig
Track view from slightly behind the plane
That white dots on the radar are a radar station, a SAM battery and an enemy Tornado
How did I knew that? Well I designed that mission in the editor
Which didn't prevented myself from getting shot...

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Select your aircraft.
There are three opposing aircraft to choose.
The mission menu
You should read the mission description before take-off.
Arm your aircraft with missiles, bombs...
On the runway, ready for take-off. (F-111 cockpit)
Tower view
F-4 Phantom cockpit
MiG-27 cockpit
The Tornado IDS in flight.
Tornado IDS cockpit
Left-hand cockpit view

DOS version

Title screen
External satellite view
The mission editor
Select a pilot
External track view
Cockpit view
External view, flying over a bridge in my F-16.

ZX Spectrum version

Loading Screen