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Strike Commander (CD-ROM Edition) Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Intro sequence.
Title screen.
Your accountant Virgil. He never stops complaining.
Headquarters of the Wildcats.
Heading out for another assignment.
From Istanbul you travel all over the world.
Budget is usually tight so you have to choose your weapons carefully.
Arming your plane.
Mig-29 closing in.
Going down after a missile hit.
This Mig-21 pilot doesen't have a chance.
F-18 Hornet in flames.
British Tornado evading a Sidewinder.
Bombing a airfield.
Flying in the Grand Canyon.
Istanbul, home of mercenary squadrons.
You can choose your assignment from these guys.
Better luck next time.
Your comrades salute you for the last time.

FM Towns version

Title screen
Intro, that plane is about to get hit by a missile
Main menu
Looking at the F-22 in the Object Viewer
Training mission menu
Time to equip my fighter jet with weapons
Talking with a Tom Cruise look-alike
Found this nice poster in the barracks
Pay no attention ma'am, I'm strictly here to "load my game" and that requires me to click... umm... there
Selecting my wingman
Checking the amount of fuel
Enemy sighted