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Strike Commander Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Intro movie.
Title Screen.
Enlisting to the Wildcats.
Getting ready for a new campaign.
This is our strike base.
All hail Stern, our leader and mentor.
Choosing weapons for our next mission.
Ready to take off.
Taking off with our wingman.
In flight, taking a look at the map.
In flight. That time washing our F16 sure paid off.
Enemies near! Our escort mission suddenly doesn't seem that boring.
An enemy Mig 21 bites the dust.
Safe landing after completing a mission.
Time to wipe clean the F16 again...
...and recording our fresh kills.
Later in the game you get to fly the F22...
...and waste tougher enemies than Mig 21s, sure.
There are ground missions too, like bombing enemy camps.
That hangar better be empty!

FM Towns version

Title screen
The voices are in English just like in the DOS original, the only difference is the Japanese subtitles at the bottom
Main menu
Strike base
The main character looks like Mel Gibson
Virgil's office
On to Mauritania for the first mission
Weapon equip screen
Escort mission
You can look freely around the cockpit

PC-98 version

Title screen
Gwen "Phoenix" Forrester
Fly mission
Stern's polishing his gun
Finance overview
Kill Board
In the air
Taking a look at the map