Strikers 1945 Plus Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Main menu
Flying pancake
Some explosions
Big plane is ally
Other version
Yet another allies
First boss
Stand-alone module
Little bullet hell
Train station level
Armoured train
BOOOM! Nice explosion
Next boss
Transform into big robot
Avoid bullets
Squadron of allies
Full power
1942 on ice
Sink U-boots
Next boss
Enemy bullets in various types
Giant plane
He is very angry
Enemy installation
Big one
Mission 6
Welcome to the Jungle

PSP version

Opening movie.
Title screen.
Pick a ship, any ship...
Straight into the action.
I've powered up my shot and can now shoot a lot of bullets really fast!
Calling for air support.
First stage boss is this train mech.
Bullet patterns are fairly simple at this point.
Destroy the outer shell and this thing pops out!
The second stage is in an ice area.
Big ol' 'splosions!
You have to stop and destroy these anti-air cannons.
Stage 2 boss fires lots of bullets!
Aw, nuts.
That's a respectable score, right?
Game over, man, game over.