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Summer Challenge Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Player entry
Nationality selection
Events selection
Opening ceremony with the torch
Ready on the station 2 of total 7
Trying to shoot a clay pigeon
Score after completion of 5 stations
Get ready for jump 1
Just reached the take-off board
Finishing not so good jump
Result of another triple jump
Prepare to fence in round 1
Each fencer can parry or riposte
Doing the lunge towards my enemy
Get ready for dive 1
There is a bird flying!
High dive is almost complete
Floating underwater in the pool
Get ready for race 1
The race was just started
Jumping over the obstacle
Ending on the last position
World records

Atari ST version

Loading screen.
Enter your name.
Choose your country.
The events.
Opening ceremony.
Skeet Shooting.

Commodore 64 version

Loading screen
Player entry
Nationality selection, with the highlighted flag waving
Choose events by clicking on the screens
Everything's now activated
Opening ceremony opening
The same cliché as every other Olympic game
Ready for the skeet shooting
Starting the shooting
Fencing ready
Fencing start
Closing in
Got a shot in
Triple jump view
Running up
Jumped a BIT too soon
Results screen - each event has one
On the board
Going down
Not great scoring really
Medals table

DOS version

Splash screen
Title screen
Game setup
Nationality selection
Event selection
Once this brazier is lit with the torch, we can really get things underway!
Skeet shooting
En garde!
Setting the scene for the triple jump
Motoring along toward the sandpit
Looks like I'll avoid a belly flop, at least.
Hop those hurdles!