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The Summoning Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

main title
Copywrite protection
main & first menu in the game (among many)
selecting a character
choosing your fighting skills (the bright yellow marks the selection)
choosing magic abbilities
your character ingame taken (stats, items, actions)
Game start
The secret messenger briefs you on your mission...
Skulls that talk! Not very useful though...

PC-98 version

Title screen
Main menu
For weeks your custom character dedicates day and night to the teachings of both Khail and Jairus
Or just select one of the pre-made characters
Shadow Weaver's horde attacks the Council
Rowena gives you some items and sends you through a gateway to a labyrinth
A talking skull
In dialogue key words are highlighted
At least the game has an auto-map
Inventory screen
To cast spells you have to combine learned hand gestures to prepare magic
Fighting enemies