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Space age Trading/Adventure/combat simulation that goes a long way with little Atari ST eamonman (8)
Great economic simulation & action game years ahead of it's time! Apple II Frecklefoot (203)

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Platform Votes Score
Apple II Awaiting 5 votes...
Atari ST 19 3.8
Combined User Score 19 3.8

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Apple IITechtite (2000)
Another entrant into Techtite's list of Top 50 Multimedia Classics, this strategy game put you in the role of a Han Solo-type space smuggler. How lawful of a smuggler were you? Well, that was up to you. On the one hand, there were legal items to ship, although space pirates might fire on your vessel to steal it! Illegal cargo meant racing past the police ships in that solar system. Gameplay was divided into three areas; outer space, the main planet (traveling to cities), and the cities themselves. In space, heavy battle meant damage to your ship, and too much damage meant you needed to buy and install replacement parts the next time you landed (a nice added challenge). On the planet, you could land away from a city, though you'd need to land closeby to load any cargo. Inside cities, you could walk around, talk to locals, and perhaps even engage in laser fights with the seedier inhabitants. Get enough cash, and buy special parts for your ship, like a cloaking device.
Atari STHappy Computer (1986)
Für 8-Bit-Computer ist "Elite" die ideale Verquickung möglichst vieler Spielprinzipien: Raumschiff-Simulation, Action- und Handelsspiel und auch etwas Adventure. Wen man jetzt noch einen Schuß mehr Adventure sowie einen guten Teil Rollenspiel dazu gibt und das ganze mit einer Grafik und Benutzerführung versieht, die einem 16-Bit-Computer würdig ist, dann kommt man auf SunDog.
Atari STAtari ST User (Sep, 1986)
Sundog is excellent but it does have a few faults. Although it is a massive game I do feel that it might become a little repetitive after a few weeks playing. The visuals are very impressive, but there is no sound, which lessens the overall effect. If you can afford the asking price do give it a try. It is certainly a taste of things to come for the ST.
The graphics are fine, as is the animation. The gameplay's fine but you have to put the work in early to reap the benefits later on. If you like the Auto Duel type of game then check this out, Arcade action fans will find little in here to satisfy them though.
Atari STST Action (Jul, 1988)
This is a clever strategy game which will take a long time to complete. Control of the game is neatly done and all the windows and graphic features have been well implemented. Arcade-action fans will not find anything to get over-excited about as the game has little in the zap and crash department. There is lots of humour to be found in the meetings with the muggers and beggars and you are able to argue and charm your way out of some situations. If you want a laugh, watch what happens when you use a six-shooter to settle an argument with a group of six muggers. If you like a game which stretches your mind and imagination rather than your reflexes, then this will do very nicely.
Atari STST/Amiga Format (Jul, 1988)
Sundog should appeal to all those who enjoy an old fashioned space trading adventure and who aren't too fussy about sound and graphics.
Atari STThe Games Machine (UK) (Jul, 1988)
It is a pity that the underlying adventure of strategical trading is too repetitive to sustain interest, especially as the arcade section is also primitive.
Atari STAtari ST User (Sep, 1988)
I can't say that I was overly impressed with this one. The plot is somewhat drab - and forced - and the visual action not much better. It seems to try to combine adventure and arcade features in the same package, but offers little of interest in either camp. The graphics aren't anything to shout about either (you are a small square blob) so after a short while I got bored and gave up. Not one I'd strongly recommend.
Apple IIComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Oct, 1984)
While the plot is enjoyable, the real star is the game system. This game sets a new standard for sophistication, complexity, and ease of play. It is for anyone who would like to exercise their skills as a starship pilot, interstellar trader, or warp engine mechanic instead of testing their typing skill or reaction time. Sundog is everything a great game should be; it is immersed in detail, its strategies are complex, and playing it is simple.