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Supaplex Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPad version

Loading screen
Menu overlay
Instructions, here with game elements
Start of level 10: Easy come, easy go!
So far so good
Should be safe for now
It just had to end. Better try again.
Level 10 in portrait mode
Quite a few Infotrons left
Just got to the exit point
Level 11: Run for life!
Phew made it!
Just died. :-(
Murphy did not survive this explosion.
Level 17: Bang! requires clever use of zonk!s (rocks) and snik snaks (scissors) to beat.
Level 18: Quicky! Note the dropping floppy disk which is very explosive.

iPhone version

Menu options
Start of level 5.
Level selector. Green marks completed levels, red marks uncompleted
A few infotrons collected.
Still alive!
Murphy explodes when hit
Better try again
Congratulations. Level completed
Updated loading screen for version 3
Version 3: updated interface
Version 3: Cast of characters and instructions