Super Caesars Palace Screenshots

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Using this game to actually gamble is forbidden.
Caesars Palace
Slot Machine
High Rollers Table

SNES version

Title screen (JP)
The sign outside the casino
Title screen
Main menu
Entering the casino floor
Walking by slot machines
Looking at the table games
Found a casino gambler
Sometimes the player can receive tips from these conversations
Pulling the handle on a slot machine
Money in chip form
Video poker payouts
Video poker
Help kiosk for roulette
Red Dog
Controller functions are given before a game starts
Got stopped by security
Horse racing
Types of horse racing bets available
Riding an escalator
A natural has been rolled
The race results will appear after the race is finished
ATM options
Triple Jacks scratcher
60 Yard Fight scratcher
Match Two scratcher
A winner
Table games have minimum and maximum bets
Odds on the horses
If only real casinos were this generous
Leaving Las Vegas broke