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Super Cars Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Track selection
Specification for Retron Parsec Turbo
Specification for Taraco Neoroder Turbo
Specification for Vaug Interceptor Turbo
Garage - here you can repair & buy parts for your car
Sales Offices - here you can sell old & buy a new car
Class 1 , Track 1 - at the start
Class 1 , Track 2 - two opponents right behind you
Class 1 , Track 3 - just eliminated one rival with rear missile
Class 2 , Track 4 - watch out for water, ballast and oil spots
Class 2 , Track 5 - alone on the road
Class 2 , Track 6 - collective accident in the curve
Class 3 , Track 7 - front missile running to hit your opponent
Class 3 , Track 8 - after 180° turn made because oil spot
Class 3 , Track 9 - alone against all enemies
Successfully completed track

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Main menu
In the garage, you can upgrade your ride.
In the Sales Office, you can buy a different, hopefully better, car.
The specs on the Vaug Interceptor Turbo
Gentlemen, start your engines!
Track 1 completed.
The race results

Atari ST version

Title screen.
Another title screen.
Results desk.
Type your name.
Track selection.
From garage you can buy more parts to your car.
Buying a new car.
Driving Taraco Neoroder Turbo.
Taraco Neoroder Turbo wins.
Tight turn.
Watch out for oil slicks.
Driving Vaug Interceptor Turbo.
This is not good for cars body.
Retron Parsec Turbo wins.
Vaug Interceptor Turbo specifications.
Taraco Neoroder Turbo specifications.
Retron Parsec Turbo specifications.

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Track selection
From garage you can buy new parts to your car
Race starts
Race results
You can buy new cars from sales offices
Watch out for oil slicks
Computer AI does not know how to go around broken car
Game over

NES version

Title Screen.
Password screen.
Main menu, from here you can go to the Garage, to the Sales Office or directly into racing.
The Garage, here you can buy parts and repair your car.
The Sales Office, here you can buy new cars.
Specifications for Retron Parsec Turbo.
Specifications for Taraco Neoroder Turbo.
Specifications for Vaug Interceptor Turbo.
Class 1, Track 1 start.
Class 1, Track 2, a "S" turn.
Oh boy, what a lousy driver I am...
Race results.
Game Over.

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen
The tape has the 48K game on one side and the 128K game on the other. If the player attempts to load the 128K game on a 48K machine, this message is displayed
The game option screen. From here both track and car can be chosen
The blue car's details
The race is about to start. All racing is top down and the whole track is never visible
Whether the red, white, or blue car is chosen, in the game all the cars are white
The players car is always centre of screen-ish and is shown in more detail than the other cars in the race.
Cars do take damage as shown by the multi-coloured bars at the bottom of the screen
Game over screen
Hi-score table