Advertising Blurbs - Wii:
    In the peaceful country of Transylvania, there is a legend of an evil castle and its master, the Prince of Darkness, Dracula. Once every hundred years, the powers of good mysteriously weaken, and evil attempts to resurrect Dracula. It's up to the Belmont clan to take up the eternal fight against the vampire. Players take on the role of Simon Belmont, armed with the legendary whip, Vampire Killer, to defeat Dracula and his evil minions. Luckily, Simon has many additional weapons at his disposal, including axes, holy water, crosses, knives and even a magical stopwatch that can stop the flow of time for a spell. Simon must travel through 11 stages, beginning in the countryside, to reach Dracula's Castle, all the while overcoming perilous traps and hideous monsters. Only the power of the Belmonts can quell the looming darkness.

    Contributed by Victor Vance (10127) on Mar 02, 2015.

Nintendo Press Release - Wii (US):
    Super Castlevania® IV (Super NES, 1 player, 800 Wii Points): Simon Belmont uses his trusty whip to fight the powers of evil on his way to Dracula's Castle.

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4672) on Jul 10, 2007.

UK Game Magazine October 1992:


    Draculas Horror-Trip!
    For your Super-NES!!!

    He's back, the Duke of Darkness.
    Count Dracula has returned to
    unleash untold horrors upon the
    helpless villagers of Transilvania,
    in this bloodcurdling, spine-chill-
    ing adventure. Can you find your
    way through 11 terrifying levels
    each filled with impending doom.
    Will you find the hidden weapons
    which will aid you in your mission
    to defeat the ghosts, ghouls &
    phantoms which lurk inside the
    Castle of Undead and roam it's
    ancient grisly grounds. Are you
    brave enough to try? Or would
    you rather die?

    Machines 1/92:

    Lots of levels await your
    whipswinging presence,
    and they're pretty
    difficult to master!
    Overall 93%

    8 megabit game
    11 levels
    For 1 player
    System: Super

    Contributed by Mr Almond (2594) on Apr 15, 2006.

Konami Ad in a Comic Book (US):
    Our Critics Talked About Us So Much We Started Rippin' Them.

    "Castlevania IV. The year's best action adventure game for any system has arrived." -Game Pro

    "Castlevania IV is the first REAL reason to purchase a Super Nintendo. Konami took the time to take full advantage of the SNES's 16-bit technology." -Game Pro

    Action/Adventure Game Of the Year Award & Sound Achievement Award -Game Pro Reader's Choice Awards

    "The mode 7 effects are incredible. Castlevania IV takes video gaming to new heights." -Electronic Gaming Monthly

    "It's Konami's feast of graphics and gameplay that will haunt you until the moment of victory." -Super NES Nintendo Player's Guide

    "Great sound effects like the whip and howling of wolves will send chills up your spine." -Super NES Nintendo Player's Guide

    "Challenging and interesting game play make Castlevania IV live up to its heritage." -Video Games & Computer Entertainment

    Contributed by Xantheous (1391) on Feb 19, 2005.

Konami Advertisement Flyer (US):
    Castlevania IV

    • Simon Belmont returns to face the most challenging Castlevania adventure yet, but his survival depends on your strategic attack skills as you battle through an 11-level-deep maze of torture chambers, towers, a forest, a cave and more.

    • If thats not enough, discover 3 hidden levels of terror, packed with sinister surprises.

    • Superior graphics, stereo sound and double scrolling let you see, hear and attack better than ever imagined.

    • The Mystic Whip, Battle Axe, magic potions, and candles will help fend off Dracula and his fiends when you encounter snakes, people eating plants, attacking skeletons and assorted gore galore.

    • Also use the Mystic Whip to hook and swing for your life through the spine chilling castle.

    • Available Fall 1991.

    Contributed by Xantheous (1391) on Feb 14, 2005.

Back of Box (US):

    A century of Transylvanian tranquility is about to come to a shocking end. Once again the mortifying screams of helpless villagers shake the ground as they huddle against new nightmarish horrors unleashed by the Duke of Darkness, Count Dracula. And this time he has a tombstone with your name on it, Simon Belmont.

    You must descend into Castle of the Undead and its gruesome grounds, accompanied by the most chilling sound effects to ever tingle your spine. Inside, a freshly dug 11 level maze features the treacherous Terrace of Terror, the dangerous Rotating Dungeon, the Sunken Ruins of Lost Spirits, torture chambers and creature filled caves. Use your whip like a grappling hook and swing past hundreds of traps and a host of ghost freaks, living corpses and hidden goblins. All while dodging or destroying the unpredictable spitting lizards, carnivorous coffins, and more.

    Find the concealed weapons needed to defeat everything from eerie phantoms to haunted furniture. Then prepare to find yourself face-to-thing with hideous torments like the Tongue Lasher, the Darkest Knight, the Bone-Afide Horseman and the Granite Crusher. When your nerves get shot, use your password and take a breather. But forge on, Simon Belmont, because if you thought Dracula was down for the count, he's only just begun to fright!

    Contributed by Xantheous (1391) on Jan 31, 2005.