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Development history

The game's developers envisioned Super Meat Boy as a "flagship" indie game, which is why there are a large number of guest characters from other indie titles. They originally wanted to also include Quote from Cave Story and Lemeza Kosugi from La•Mulana, but the developers of those games declined the request.

Though it was originally announced as a WiiWare exclusive title, the WiiWare release was eventually canceled in December 2010. The developers were unable to get the file within Nintendo's size limit of 40MB without cutting most of the music. They also stated that a disc release was unlikely, as the publishers they contacted said there is no money in third-party retail for the Wii.


Each of the introductions to the different game worlds is based on a famous video game. The scenery is re-envisioned and of course replaced with the characters from Super Meat Boy:The Super Mario games also offered a lot of inspiration for various more general design choices. The replay system was inspired by the Quantum Mario video.

Iron Man Runs

The PC version has additional achievements called Iron Man Runs. Every chapter has this achievement and it is obtained by completing 20 levels in a chapter in succession, without being killed once. It was left out of the Xbox 360 version because Microsoft limits the amount of achievements to 12 for XBLA games.

Level editor

An official level editor for the Windows version of the game was released on 5th May 2011. It is added automatically through a Steam update.


In December 2010, animal rights organization PETA released a free flash parody of Super Meat Boy called Super Tofu Boy. SMB developers Team Meat took it as a complement, and in turn added Tofu Boy as a hidden playable character to the PC version of Super Meat Boy the very next day. Tofu Boy boasts incredibly low mobility, and it is impossible to finish most stages using him. They also posted a response to PETA on their Twitter account: "How many Peta members does it take to change a lightbulb?.... None, Peta can't change anything." In December 2010 Dutch developer Vlambeer also responded to PETA's parody, with a game: Super Puppy Boy.


As of 2012, the game sold over one million copies. About 750.000 of those copies were sold on PC.

Unlockable characters

Many of the playable characters that are unlocked by completing warp zones and collecting bandages come from famous indie games. Each character has a different ability.


  • Steam Awards
    • 2016 — The 'Love/Hate Relationship' Award — Nominated

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