Super Methane Bros Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Disk change screen
Title screen
Main menu
Game start
Second level
Two-player mode
Flying enemies
Fourth level
Secret door
The candle killed all enemies.
These blocks can be picked up and arranged with the gun, allowing the character to reach higher platforms.
High platform
Clowns and bugs
A more sparse level

Amiga CD32 version

Startup screen.
This is where you select your controller options.
Main title.
Main menu.
Music menu.
One or two players?
The first level.
Exterminating a couple of bugs.
On to the next level!
A couple of flying enemies.
Collecting bonus items after finishing this level.
What an appropriate title.
A secret door! I wonder where it might lead?
Aha! A bonus level. With lots of cheese.
These enemies move around the wall's outlines.
Once the enemies have been engulfed in a cloud of gas, I have to suck them up again and release them against a wall, where they transform into bonus items.
I collected all the aces, granting me an extra life.
About to finish another level.
Collecting some bonus items.
These blocks can be sucked in and released elsewhere to allow access to enemies trapped between them.
I've been hit. Note the chicken.
A new type of enemies: clowns. The throw bowling pins at me.
Just finished in time.
Enemies will fall infinitely through this vertical shaft.
How many more levels are there?

Linux version

Title screen
Controls for the two players
Player name input
The first level
Trap a bug in a cloud from your gun...
...suck it in, and shoot it against a wall.
Hit by an enemy.
Flying enemies
These enemies stick to the walls.
Game over!
High scores

Windows version

Title screen
Player name input
Second level
Flying enemies
Wings power-up
Two-player mode
Level complete