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On a planet with this much intoxicating atmosphere, you're gonna need that space suit! SNES J. P. Gray (120)
Gameplay greatness and pixel poetry SNES Vecster (24)
A strong classic, if maybe SLIGHTLY overrated SNES *Legion* (144)
I have no idea what I'm doing here. SNES Pixelspeech (1006)
The last Metroid is in captivity. The galaxy, is at peace... SNES Perfil Falso (3318)
Bring back my baby!!!! SNES Daniel Maze (3)
Great SNES version of Metroid but finicky controls when emulated SNES Plasma Snake (10)
A super sci-fi adventure! SNES Phobos-Romulus (43)

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SNES 200 4.3
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SNESRetroGame Man (Apr 28, 2018)
Overall, Super Metroid is one of my favourite games of all-time. It is an excellent action adventure game with great gameplay progression, awesome items, and challenging bosses! It was a game that defined a new genre of games! If you haven’t played this game before, please give it a shot!
New Nintendo 3DSNintendo Life (Mar 21, 2016)
Showing a blatant disregard to gamer's bank balances, Nintendo has gone and put another corker on the eShop. The screen may be smaller, but it's just as enjoyable as it ever was. Oozing atmosphere, Super Metroid is a highly reccomended purchase for New Nintendo 3DS owners.
100 (Jun 07, 2008)
Très souvent classé par les sites spécialisés dans le top 10 des meilleurs jeux de tous les temps (voir n°1), Super Metroid mérite sa place par la réalisation inouïe dont il a fait l'objet sur une console ayant dépassé la fleur de l'âge et par son système de jeu extraordinaire, qui sera allègrement plagié par beaucoup d''autres softs. Par son thème et son ambiance, il a également su séduire l'ensemble des gamers en se posant comme véritable médiateur entre les adeptes de Nintendo et de ses concurrents. Une liberté de jeu impressionnante, une ambiance prenante et une durée de vie conséquente en font bel et bien une des plus grande expérience vidéoludiques de tous les temps. Jubilatoire. Incontournable. Culte. C'est dit.
SNESJust Games Retro (May 17, 2014)
Those niggles aside, Super Metroid is a first-ballot Hall of Fame game, and deserves its place in the Super Nintendo pantheon with games like Link to the Past and Donkey Kong Country. It carried the franchise all the way until Metroid Prime’s release almost a decade later, and even today, it stands as a shining example of the fusion of action and adventure.
Wii (Jun 08, 2013)
Ja, „Super Metroid“ ist zu Recht ein wahrer Klassiker. Fans von Retrogames oder Spielen mit Fokus auf Erkundung, die noch nie zuvor die Gelegenheit dazu hatten, sollten es unbedingt auf der Wii U spielen. Alle anderen sollten über einen erneuten Kauf nachdenken. „Super Metroid“ zieht einen durch überzeugende Technik, perfektes Leveldesign, erfrischendes Spielkonzept und düstere Atmosphäre über Stunden in seinen Bann. Es ist ein Meisterwerk der 16-Bit-Generation, von dessen Ausrichtung sich die meisten heutigen Videospiele eine Scheibe abschneiden sollten.
Wii UNintendo Life (May 19, 2013)
Super Metroid is a science-fiction masterpiece that not only redefined everything that was great about the Metroid series up until that point, but it also showcased a world striking enough to prove for the makings of a long-lasting franchise. Engrossing atmosphere, tight controls, pure exploration, and gnarly bosses are just a few of the things that make this an unforgettable experience from front-to-back, and we can’t think of a reason as to why you shouldn’t download this game immediately and at least give it shot. It honestly hasn’t aged a day, like many of its SNES brethren, which is a testament as to why the system is often regarded as one of the best home consoles of all time. Clear a space on your Wii U dashboard, Samus Aran needs somewhere to land her gunship.
100 (UK) (Oct 13, 2007)
There are few games that I would class as truly essential, games that are indispensable as both entertainment and as milestones along the road of videogaming history. Games that everyone should play. Super Metroid is one of those few.
SNESVideo Game Den (Jan 10, 2011)
Super Metroid is considered by many to be the epitome of the Metroid series and, indeed, the game is a masterpiece.
SNESTotal! (Germany) (Jul, 1994)
Fazit: Super Metroid ist eines der besten Spiele auf dem Super Nintendo und zweifellos das beste Action-Adventure (oder wie man diesen Genre-Mix auch immer bezeichnen mag) zur Zeit, mit ähnlichem Sucht-Effekt wie „Zelda“ oder „Super Mario World“. Klar, daß nicht ganz soviel Abwechslung geboten wird, aber mehr ist in diesem Genre beim besten Willen einfach nicht machbar. An diesem Meilenstein müssen sich alle folgenden Spiele messen lassen. Sicherlich werden sich auch einige Spieldesigner hier ein paar Ideen ausborgen – wie auch schon damals bei „Metroid“ geschehen. Überragend ist auf jeden Fall die Spielbarkeit, die, wie schon gesagt, niemand so hinbekommt wie Nintendo selbst.
SNESVideo Games Blogger (Jul 08, 2006)
Regardless of your tastes or what games you have or have not played, Super Metroid is a game that all people simply must experience. Even if you’ve never played a Metroid game before, the game is extremely accessible and requires no previous Metroid knowledge. Super Metroid gets my highest recommendation and if you have not played the game, it is worth tracking down a Super Nintendo to do so!
SNESLens of Truth (Aug 26, 2010)
If you consider yourself a gamer and haven’t played Super Metroid you absolutely need to. In 16 years only one 2D game has matched Super Metroid’s rewarding exploration, fantastic audio & visuals, and spooky atmosphere, and that’s Konami’s Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - which happens to be another masterpiece. Super Metroid was first, and for that it deserves our highest honors. Luckily for anyone who missed Super Metroid the first time around (please tell us you weren’t born yet) its been released on the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console making it fairly easy for you to pick up and play now. Even if you’ve played it before, we suggest you play it again, and remember what a true classic gaming experience feels like.
WiiNintendo Life (Aug 20, 2007)
Super Metroid is one of the greatest SNES games ever made. And not only that, it's probably also the best Metroid game ever made (The only one that even comes close is Metroid Prime, if you ask me!). If you've never played a classic (Non-Prime) Metroid game before, Super Metroid is the one to start with. Don't miss this one - You'll be sorry!
SNESThe Video Game Critic (Feb 17, 2005)
It's definitely hard but never cheap, and the save points are reasonably spaced. Super Metroid may not be the best game ever, but it certainly is one of the best SNES games I've played.
SNESThunderbolt Games (Oct 30, 2007)
It’s small and unimpressive. It’s just a hole, really. But that hole is the key to the vast labyrinth that makes up the world Zebes. The thing is, you never know what’s on the other side of these passages. What will she find down in the darkness? How far down can she go? Will she drop into a lava pit and melt into a metallic puddle? Will she slay the Pirates once and for all, or are they waiting to snipe her once she lands on solid ground? What grotesque monsters and lethal traps await her? It’d be so much easier if she could just turn around, get in her spaceship, and fly off into the cosmos until the end of time. But she can’t; she could never live with such shameful cowardice. Beneath that green visor and orange hunk of metal, she is still as vulnerable as anyone else. But she’s also Samus Aran, and she has a job to do to. Hounded by her inner demons, she morphs into a ball and rolls into the tunnel and to the adventure of her life. So begins Super Metroid.
SNESHonestGamers (Jan 13, 2004)
You needn’t take my word for it; buy the game, play it hard and often; meet up with Kraid; explore the haunted, somber, sunken remains of the Phantoon’s ghost ship; rendez-vous with Ridley; and finally, satisfyingly, make things right.
SNESGamePro (US) (Jun, 1994)
Super Metroid really delivers what Nintendo has always promised, deep, involving game play that'll occupy you for dozens of hours. There's certainly more Metroid territory to be explored, like controller-motion technologies or a wider variety of graphics, but heck, Nintendo isn't working on Project Reality for nothing. You better grab this one before a Metroid latches onto you!
So, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, Super Metroid is well worth owning. It is a visionary masterpiece, in both brilliant game design, and atmospheric perfection. There are dozens of secret items, secret moves, secret endings, secret passages; I could easily talk all day about this game. Just make it a point to play this through-and-through classic. Whether you’re a tech-junkie who gets off on the latest leaps in technology, or a hardened old schooler, with thumbs like marbles, you will find something to love about this game.
SNESNintendojo (1996)
Truly masterful, this title made clear that Metroid was back in a big way…which is why Super Metroid will always remain a part of gaming history, eternally renowned as one of the greatest games of all time. Just like your women and your wines, this title only gets better with age. Let this also serve as a reminder of why we all grew up to love Nintendo, and why no other developer shall ever come close to fully replicating the original formula created by the late and great Gumpei Yokoi. Remarkable.
SNESPGNx Media (May 12, 2002)
All in all, Gumpei Yokoi made one of the finest games ever to hit the SNES. It went on to win nine awards including Game of the Year, along with sound, gameplay, and control. This game is what legends are made of.
SNESGame Players (May, 1994)
Super Metroid is a sign that Nintendo is finally staking a claim on it's share of the 16-bit market. Loyal SNES fans have had to wait too long for a game of this caliber. If Sega can pump out four or five Sonic titles in a year, why does it take Nintendo so long to get it's top stuff out? Let's hope Super Metroid is just the start of a bunch of hot new SNES games.
96 (Jun 09, 2004)
Super Metroid revolucionó en su día los juegos de 16 bits, además de ser un referente en el género de las aventuras que incluso hoy día sigue siendo considerado como tal. Y no es por casualidad, pues tiene todo lo que hay que tener para ser uno de los grandes. Y lo más importante de todo, es que sentó las bases de la saga, la dotó de un estilo propio que es el que podemos sentir en los Metroid de la actual generación, tanto los 2D como los 3D. Si que es cierto que esta es la tercera entrega, pero fue precisamente con este juego en el que los conceptos más abstractos de las dos primeras partes tomaron forma y definieron el feeling definitivo.
96 (Oct 31, 2004)
Super Metroid is a game that has it all; it's an action-adventure game at its very best. Every detail is covered and custom made for video game lovers and newbies alike. Words such as ‘beautiful' and ‘fun' can be found throughout this review, and that's exactly what this game is. It's beautiful to see and hear, and it's an absolute fun filled blast to play. It even allows for repeated play when the game is finished. You will want to go through it again. Quite simply, Super Metroid is an instant classic.
WiiMag'64 (Aug 31, 2009)
"Super Metroid" überzeugt auch heute noch mit seinem Charme und dem gelungenen Gameplay. Es macht einfach großen Spaß, völlig auf sich allein gestellt einen scheinbar riesigen Planeten zu erkunden, sich dabei nach und nach aufzurüsten und immer tiefer in unbekannte Gebiete vorzustoßen. Grafik und Sound erschaffen eine sehr dichte Atmosphäre und ihr werdet zunehmend in den Bann des Spiels gezogen, der euch bis zum Abspann nicht mehr loslässt. Zu bemängeln sind lediglich die Try&Error-Stellen und die teilweise kniffligen Sprungeinlagen. Wer sich daran nicht stört, wird ein sehr intensives und grandioses Abenteuer erleben. Für 800 Punkte bekommt ihr hier einen Klassiker der Videospielgeschichte, den man auf keinen Fall verpassen sollte.
Even 13 years after its original release, Super Metroid still remains to be one of the greatest 2D adventure games of all time. It’s only real flaw is that it is a bit on the short side if you’re the kind of person who simply plays a game to completion once and then is done with it. However, the core gameplay of Super Metroid is so good that it’s one of those games you will likely find yourself coming back to again and again, each time trying to bring that completion time down and your collection rate up.
95 (Jun 18, 2009)
Avec sa remarquable bande-son, et l’un des gameplays les plus poussés de tous les temps, Super Metroid est plus qu’un chef-d’œuvre, il est de ces jeux qui peuvent être joués et appréciés par toutes les générations. Depuis sa réédition sur Console Virtuelle, il n’y a plus aucune excuse valable pour ne pas se le procurer, voire se l'offrir une seconde fois, afin de visiter, émerveillé, la planète Zebes. Vous n’en ressortirez pas indemne.
WiiIGN (Aug 20, 2007)
If you've never played Super Metroid, you owe it to yourself as a gamer to finally find out about what you've been missing all these years. And if you have played Super Metroid, you've probably already taken the 800 Wii Point plunge and downloaded it to your channel array, where it deserves nothing less than a spot of honored prestige on Screen 1. Maybe right next to that Mii Channel.
SNESMAN!AC (Jul, 1994)
Wenn sich die erfolgreichsten Videospielehelden zum jährlichen Treffen der Berufsgenossenschaft "Ein Herz für Pixel-Protagonisten" treffen, hat Samus Aran einen schweren Stand. Im Gegensatz zu "Sonic", "Mario", "Turrican" und "Mega Man" gehört sie dem weiblichen Geschlecht an. Daß Samus dennoch ihren Mann steht, hat die Cyborg-Lady schon vor Jahren bewiesen. Als sie auf dem NES ihr Erstlings-Abenteuer "Metroid" meisterte, war die Bewunderung im Kollegenkreis enorm. Nach ihrem Game-Boy-Intermezzo hat sie nun ihre bislang härteste Bewährungsprobe vor sich: "Super Metroid".
This is the logical choice for everyone who thought Zelda was the best thing ever. Super Metroid is without a doubt a true classic and a worthy purchase. TOTAL heartily recommend it.
WiiRetroage (Jan 09, 2010)
Czy warto zatem ściągnąć ten stary hit? Oczywiście, że tak! Dziś to jedna z najlepszych gier, jakie są dostępne na Virtual Console i jedna z najlepszych pozycji, jakie kiedykolwiek zostały wydane. Bez wątpienia można też powiedzieć, że to najlepszy Metroid 2D i polecam go zarówno fanom serii jak i tym, którzy nigdy w nią nie grali. Nikt się nie zawiedzie. Masz 800 Wii Points, to ściągaj Super Metroida, a jeśli nie masz, to absolutnie warto się w nie zaopatrzyć.
SNESNintendo Land (Sep 13, 2003)
Like every other Metroidgame M3 has huge worlds with many rooms and shafts, loads of secret weapons, powerups and hard bosses! This means that the game will last a while! It also got the coolest bosses ever seen (except for the ones in Contra 3 and Castlevania 4). So go and get this great game or regret it for the rest of your life!
A perfectly designed game with negligible flaws. Stunning in all the right places and generally magnificent. A new Nintendo classic hits the ground running.
SNESPlay Time (Jun 08, 1994)
Super Metroid verbindet auf virtuose Art und Weise Action- und Adventure-Elemente, deren Faszination sich selbst ausgesprochene RPG-Fans kaum entziehen werden können. Phantastisch, wie Nintendo hier einen großen Spannungsbogen aufbaut und den Spieler förmlich in einen Rausch spielen lässt.
SNESConsoles Plus (May, 1994)
Super Metroïd fait honneur à la série. La SNIN est bien exploitée et les options donnent du piment aux parties. Un must à ne pas manquer.
SNESMega Fun (May, 1994)
Wie sollte es anders sein! Wie Phönix aus der Asche kommt Metroid zu 16 Bit. Schon auf dem NES war Metroid ein absolutes Hammerspiel. Selbstverständlich liegt nichts näher, als noch einmal alles aufzupeppen und deutlich komplexer zu machen, und das ist Nintendo wahrlich gelungen. Eine einwandfreie Steuerung und optimales Gameplay tragen zum Spielspaß ebensoviel bei wie eine Unmenge an Extras und Sonderwaffen, die Ihr im Laufe des Spiels ergattern könnt. Schade nur, daß Nintendo die Grafik nicht so aufwendig gestaltet hat, was aber durch den riesigen Umfang gerechtfertigt wird; trotzdem hat dieses 24 Megs-Modul optisch einiges zu bieten, sei es von der Aufmachung der Obermotze her bis hin zu den Extrawaffen. Aufgrund der hohen Motivation und der einwandfreien Spielbarkeit kann ich Euch dieses Modul nur allerwärmstens empfehlen.
SNESRandom Access (Dec 24, 2010)
I believe that Super Metroid set some pretty high standards for itself as a series. With excellent graphics for its time and varied gameplay that was second to none, Super Metroid was one of the cornerstones of the SNES library to own.
SNESRetrogaming History (Sep 29, 2008)
Non servono molte parole per esprimere un giudizio finale su un prodotto di tale caratura se non che Super Metroid è semplicemente un capolavoro assoluto. Dotato di un gameplay da urlo e di un’atmosfera stregante tutta sua, questo gioco rappresenta uno dei pilastri eterni dell’empireo del genere platform.
SNESAll Game Guide (1998)
If there is but one drawback to the game, it's that the game isn't long enough (around 14-18 hours). Yet games like this don't come around that often, so you need to savor every morsel. Plus, there are different endings to get if you can finish it within a certain time frame. Like other games by Nintendo, Super Metroid is oozing with quality and first-rate gameplay. Here's hoping it doesn't take as long for the next in the series.
I was a big time addict to the original and the game brought back so many good memories for me. The graphics are cool and the plotting is very dramatic. The control is crisp and clear and the multitude of weapons is a great addition. My only complaint is, for some reason, this game seems a bit smaller. Maybe it's because of the map...Anyway, if you own a Super NES, this is definitely a must-have. It's great!
SNESCubed3 (Aug 21, 2007)
By far one of the exemplary Super Nintendo games out there. Right up there with Super Mario World, A Link to the Past, Yoshi’s Island and Final Fantasy VI. Eager to see what Metroid used to be all about before the Prime series turned it into a First-Person Adventure series? Be sure to check out this piece of classic history.
SNESMegablast (Jun, 1994)
Damit schließt sich der Kreis, denn das Fazit stand ja eigentlich schon am Anfang: Das schnelle Probespielchen im Kaufhaus ist hier trügerisch wie selten, wer sich nur auf den ersten Eindruck verläßt, könnte leicht eines der besten Spiele für das Super Nintendo verpassen!
WiiGameSpot (Aug 27, 2007)
Anyone who's played Super Metroid before already knows how great it is. If you haven't delved into the planet Zebes, but you enjoy action games or you've been itching to explore Samus' 2D roots after playing the Metroid Prime series, this is the place to start. Don't worry about the original NES version of Metroid that's also available in the Virtual Console shop. Super Metroid recounts its threadbare story in the opening screen and is better in literally every conceivable way.
WiiGame Positive (Aug 29, 2007)
Ultimately, do not expect anything new to be added to the formula, as Virtual Console releases are effectively the original games played on an emulator. You'll find no new weapons, no new enemies, and no minor fixes or new graphics. Still, for the 800 Wii Points, those interested in a classic Metroid adventure should definitely check out this game.
Super Metroid zeigt dieselben spielerischen Qualitäten, die schon die ersten beiden Teile zu echten Rennern werden ließen, und setzt noch mal dicke obenauf: Wunderschön-schauerlich angehauchte Grafik sowie unheimliche Musik und gänsehautige Soundeffekte sorgen für dezentes Alien-Gegrusel vorm Monitor. Und der wichtigste Punkt: Das Gameplay ist Extrasahne, komplex, herausfordernd – und nie unfair.
SNESVideo Games (May, 1994)
Was mich ein wenig nervt, ist die Tatsache, daß sich erst durch bestimmte Items verschlossene Türen in den Anfangsabschnitten öffnen lassen. Dadurch müßt Ihr häufig den ganzen Weg durch bereits bewältigte Level-Abschnitte zurückgehen und die gleichen Feinde erneut bekämpfen, welche Ihr schon lange vorher von der Bildfläche gefegt habt. Trotzdem, ein sehr intelligenter Level-Aufbau und das ausgezeichnete Ambiente verleiten einen immer wieder, im Spielgeschehen ein Stückchen weiterzukommen. Bleibt zu sagen, daß Super Metroid ein geniales Action-Spiel ist, welches einen auch längerzeitig an den Bildschirm fesselt. Ihr könnt also unbekümmert zugreifen.
SNESGaming since 198x (Jan 14, 2008)
Les années passent et Super Metroid n'a rien perdu de sa superbe. Subtil mélange entre action, plateformes et exploration, il demeure pour beaucoup le meilleur épisode 2D de la saga et cette réputation n'est pas usurpée. Un classique indémodable qu'il est indispensable de posséder, que ce soit sur Super Nintendo ou la Virtual Console de la Wii.
SNESEdge (Apr 28, 1994)
Super Metroid will take your emotions on a rollercoaster ride of joy and pain: one moment you'll be throwing your head back in sheer ecstasy after defeating a boss in a battle of heroic proportions; the next minute you'll yourself furiously stabbing the reset button in complete frustration. Those who enjoyed the game will therefore have no complaints about the action, but many people will the SNES title's distinct lack of longevity a bit of a let­-down.
SNESInterface (1994)
Vad som höjer spelet otroligt är det ytterst effektiva "mörka" rymdskräcksoundtracket – ljuvligt. Figurerna rör sig schysst, inte lika snabbt som Hedgehoggen men tillräckligt bra för att ge schysst spelkänsla. Det finns många valmöjligheter för vapenanvändning och diverse kringutrustning. Tack vare den magnifika parallaxscrollningen skapas en tilltalande 3D-känsla i spelet och vad ännu bättre är – autentisk klaustrofobi när du inte kommer ut ur något rum och löper risk att spärras in levande begravd – yess. Ännu en mycket välkommen ursäkt att slippa gå ut i sommargrillningen.
68 (Sep, 2003)
The audio and visual aspects of the game aren't nearly as good as say, Metroid Prime. Then again, you are comparing Super Nintendo to GameCube -- not a fair fight. The music does add to the atmosphere of the game. I can remember the music and sound effects in the crashed spaceship being very creepy and scary for a young gamer such as myself. The visuals in the game are so-so. There are some interesting beam graphics, and such things for weapons. The best looking graphics are the bosses. These, along with the final battle with Mother Brain, show off the power of the Super Nintendo. By today's standards it isn't much, but whatever. It's still a good game. I don't care what you say.