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Super Pac-Man is a game in Namco's Pac-Man family, but instead of gobbling up dots, Pac is required to eat fruit and prizes, such as apples, bunches of bananas, doughnuts, hamburgers, fried eggs, ears of corn, sneakers, pieces of cakes, raspberries, limes, cups of coffee, mushrooms, Galaxians, bells, and shamrocks. Most of these items are hidden in passages that have locked doors at either entrance, and in order to unlock the doors, Pac needs to eat the key that is closest to the passage that he wishes to unlock. As usual, ghosts will keep chasing Pac around the maze until he has lost all his lives. However, Pac can enter the warp tunnels at either side of the maze to lose the ghosts quickly.

There are two types of power pellets in the maze: green and yellow. Yellow power pellets cause ghosts to turn blue, allowing Pac to eat them for points, whereas green ones cause Pac to enlarge and will also cause the ghosts to become much thinner and wider, allowing him to fly over them. He can also break open the doors without the need of keys. The effects of the pellets, unfortunately, only last for a number of seconds. During the time that he is enlarged, a flashing star will appear besides two boxes that are located in the middle of the maze. The first box will display the current fruit or prize, and the other will display a rotating selection of them. If Pac manages to eat the star when they match there will be a large bonus score.

Occasionally, after three or more stages, there will be a bonus stage where Pac automatically gets enlarged. The object of these stages is to eat everything in the maze before the time runs out and, during these stages, there will be no ghosts to pursue him.


Super Pac-Man Arcade Title screen
Super Pac-Man Commodore 64 Stage 1
Super Pac-Man Sord M5 Round 3
Super Pac-Man Commodore 64 Title

Promo Images

Super Pac-Man Concept Art
Super Pac-Man Screenshot
Super Pac-Man Screenshot
Super Pac-Man Screenshot

Alternate Titles

  • "Power Pac" -- Sord M5 title
  • "Arcade Archives: Super Pac-Man" -- PS4 / Switch title
  • "アーケードアーカイブス スーパーパックマン" -- Japanese PS4 / Switch spelling
  • "スーパーパックマン" -- Japanese spelling

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User Reviews

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PAC-MAN on steroids. Commodore 64 gametrader (233)

Critic Reviews

All Game Guide Arcade 1998 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars 80


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Atari was making a port of Super Pac-Man to their 8-bit XL line of computers, but never published it, probably because of the bad financial state of the company and the subsequent sale to Jack Tramiel. Prototypes of a fully working game have been found and leaked to the internet.
Contributed to by Trypticon (11040), mars_rulez (43789), Rik Hideto (472521), firefang9212 (78913), Servo (57351), Игги Друге (46308) and Katakis | カタキス (43209)
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