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atari kombinera

Super Street Fighter II Turbo Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga CD32 version

From the intro: Ryu blowing stuff up.
Main menu.
Choosing my fighter.
Alright, here we go!
I'm getting my ass kicked.
Ok, now that didn't work out.
Maybe I'll be more lucky with Chun Li?

DOS version

Chun Li vs Ryu
Round 1
Ryu wins!
8 seconds left to continue
Time to duel
Chosen Cammy
Guile vs Cammy
Trying jump
Painful punch.
Cammy barely wins
Mirror match
Enemy Cammy is happy
Zangief vs Dee Jay
Zangief is angry!
Fei Long vs Chun li
M. Bison lost battle
Flame flight
I see sweet little birds...
Fei long Vs Balrog