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Super Street Fighter II Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Intro (ECS)
Credits (ECS)
Title screen (ECS)
Character selection (ECS)
Round 1 (ECS)
Chun Li won (ECS)
Title screen (AGA)
Loading screen (AGA)
Dhalsim vs Feilong (AGA)
Blanca vs. E.Honda (AGA)
Zangief vs Sagat (AGA)

Arcade version

Title screen
Player select
Cammy's legs drill
Chun Li's energy shot
Spinning kick
Banka Hungry!
T.Hawk is electrocuted
Dee Jay kicks Zangief in face
Fei Long's fast fist
Chun Li's super kicks
Sonic Boom!
Cammy uses strong legs to throw Guile
M.Bison chokes Fei Long
Sagat missed Blanca
Vega stunned Balrog
Head plant
Red cyclone
Cammy tries defend herself
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
Failed Dhalsim's Yoga Fire
Now, little sukcess
Balrog's special attack
Icons duel
M.Bison Psycho Crusher

DOS version

Ryu's intro animation
Title screen
Fighter selection screen
Deejay vs. Cammy
Fight against a colorful Jamaica backdrop

FM Towns version

Title screen
Ryu is featured in the short intro
Character selection
Famous match-up
Ken is trying to out-jump Ryu in the American harbor
Chili con carne, anyone?..
Honda does some crazy moves in his homeland
Cammy is tough, and not distracted by the view
Again the famous Ken vs. Ryu match-up - this time in Japan. How are you feeling, Ken? Had too much sushi? Hehehe...
Exotic match-up: the two most populous countries in the world...
Ouch. This is not the way to treat a woman, Dhalsim. What would Ganesha say?..
Busy street in China. Zangieff is no match for Chun Li...
...but he is feeling better in his Soviet motherland, kicking the crap out of Dhalsim. Hindi, russi, phai-phai? Hardly...
I'll beat you up and catch the plane!
Yo man, relax. I and I will praise Ya, man
Hey... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to... you know... knock you out. I'll just... sit here
Just a few words before we move on...
Versus menu
Don't mind the statues, hehe...
Note the exotic dancers
You are winner?..

Genesis version

Title screen.
Options menu.
Player selection: some newcomers had been added for more fighting-action!
Blanka vs. Dee Jay
The insults after the fight
Vs. screen
Feilong fights against the oncoming loss
Vega VS Cammy
Claw's attack is missing
Cammy barely wins
Poor Vega's face
Revenge is sweet
Chun Li is next
Standard victory text
Flying kick

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Options menu
Character selection screen
Cammy wins on her stage
Continue screen
Versus screen
Fei Long throws Sagat
Bonus stage
T. Hawk's stage
Tournament Battle mode
Tournament matches
Chun-Li vs Blanka

SNES version

Title screen
If i were you i wouldnt stand there...
Character select
Ryu vs Guile
Obviously Ryu wins...
Time attack
Vega vs Chunli
The quotes are the same as ever
Sagat vs Dhalsim
Dhalsim launches Zangief with a successful throw.
Using his Super Hyakkan Otoshi, E. Honda has the advantage!
Fighting in Jamaica: Chun-Li makes a Kikouken and Dee Jay strikes back with a Max Out.
Cammy smashes any fighter with her Cannon Drill!
Ryu being damaged by M. Bison's Flying Psycho Fist.
Fei Long's Shien Kyaku is the newest burning move of the game.
The famous and classic sweep.
With his unique Jamaican style, Dee Jay does a 2-hit combo Double Dread Kick in Ken.
A fainted enemy: the best chance to do a combo or any other attack.
Trying to avoid Chun-Li's counter-attack, Blanka begins his Rolling Attack.
Sometimes, a strong move can remove "blood" from opponent's face.
Ryu uses his new flaming Hadouken against Ken, that quickly makes an evading jump.
Demonstration mode: can Balrog's Dashing Uppercut be intercepted by Zangief's sweep? :^)
Ken Masters and his new flaming Shoryuken.
The wild Blanka and his classic shocking move Electric Thunder.
Ken observes the result of his throw (made with High Kick)... :-)
Dee Jay's Machine Gun Uppercut forces Sagat to do a very closing defense position.
Bonus Stage 1: be strategic in the moves and break the car!
Bonus Stage 2: With the help of some blows, a big stack of bricks must be demolished.
Bonus Stage 3: 20 barrels will fall into you and to avoid bad consequences, smash all of them!
An initial perfect spot guaranteed
A second perfect spot awarded with 50000 points
Get ready to close the match against M. Bison
M. Bison is ready to go to third and final round
Blanka celebrates during the high scores

Wii U version

Fei-Long faces Cammy
Balrog shows off his abs

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