Advertising Blurbs

BAck of Box:
    Just When You Thought You’d Broken The Habit.

    Oh no. It’s here. The super sequel to the best-selling Tetris, the insidious Soviet addiction that hooked the West.

    Super Tetris keeps the basic Tetris objective of arranging falling blocks with as much speed and agility as possible. But we’ve added explosive new twists. Now, you must work your way to the bottom of each level’s deep, scrolling pits. And with only a limited number of pieces, each must be strategically dropped.

    Earn falling bombs that either blast you down to hidden treasures or destroy your mistakes. Buried treasure squares reward you with additional blocks or clear a path to the surface as they rise. When you reach the bottom of each level’s challenging pit, you go to the next level of action, with deeper pits, faster falling pieces and more elusive treasures.

    Super Tetris. It’s a super test of your nimbleness, nerves and strategy.

  • Brilliant graphics of the Moscow Circus.
  • Rousing Russian Theme music for each level of play.
  • Timed games for comrades who can’t stop.
  • Two-player competitive, cooperative and head-to-head modes.
  • No more all-nighters – save games and come back.
  • Ten levels of difficulty.
  • Play against a real live opponent! Link up with another player for 2-player competition.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76519) on Nov 10, 2002.