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Superhot is a strategic action game, played from a first-person perspective, that combines shooting with melee-based combat. The player's character needs to survive waves of enemies in small environments through combat, but most importantly by controlling the flow of time. The game concept was original created as a prototype for the 7 Day FPS game jam in 2013 and later developed into a full title following a successful crowdfunding campaign.

The game is constructed as a game also called Superhot played on a fictional BBS-like operation system called piOS. The player controls a user on the system, where different types of rudimentary apps, ASCII art and programs can be launched, also chatting online to other users. This OS also acts as the hub and main menu to launch different parts of the game. There are linear story sequences shown on the OS that often occur between levels. Through one of the other users the player's character learns about the Superhot game, a cracked title that is played by logging in illegally into a company's website. What starts as a harmless peek, quickly becomes something more sinister.

Levels are played in minimalist environments that have white and light blue tones, while all opponents and bullets are bright red. A distinct gameplay element is that time generally only moves when the player's character does so. All action is virtually paused until something is done, such as moving, shooting or hitting. As there are often multiple enemies approaching for different directions, the player has to plan carefully as the flow of time can be controlled, but not be rewound. The same technique is used to dodge bullets, leaving behind a bright red trail. There are different types of ranged weapons such as a revolver, a machine gun and a shotgun. These have a limited amount of ammo and can be found in the environment or grabbed from enemies. Enemies can be hit with fists or by flinging the weapon, which confuses the opponent. This action is most often used to hit an enemy, grab his weapon in flight and then finish him off with his own means. Defeated enemies shatter like glass and physics also play an important role. Thrown weapons can be destroyed if a bullet hits them or if they bounce off walls, a bullet can neutralize another bullet, weapons shatter in the air when they are hit with a melee attack, and so on. Next to weapons and objects in the environment that can be thrown, always in a black colour, there are melee weapons such as katanas, crowbars and baseball bats, next to fists always available. Completing a level is often similar to the choreography of a martial arts film, with a quick succession of different moves, played out in short time segments.

Other game elements are the ability to throw or shoot through glass, jumping, and in the later parts of the game an ability is acquired to quickly take over another enemy's body, but this takes some time to recharge. All weapons have a small amount of ammo. Reloading is required and is done automatically, but once out of ammo a different weapon needs to be found. A single melee hit or bullet is immediately deadly for the player's character and then the entire sequence has to be replayed. The player is often encouraged to try out different approaches as there are many solutions to complete levels. When not doing anything, time is not halted entirely, but moves steadily at an extremely slow speed, which still forces the player to act without overthinking. A change from the original prototype's mechanics is that turning without moving, for instance by 180 degrees, also moves forward time. The straightforward action sequences soon become more complex and chaotic when more of the background story is revealed. After each completed fight a replay is shown, which can be edited and uploaded to the killstagram.com website.

After completing the main game additional game modes become available. There is an endless mode fighting unlimited waves of enemies with new environments unlocked based on the performance, and a challenge mode with unlockable challenges based on parameters such as only using a katana, no restarts, timed runs, and so on.


Superhot Windows Enemies shatter after being shot.
Superhot Windows Walking around, with no enemies in sight.
Superhot Windows The end of an endless session
Superhot Windows It is not really possible to sneak up, most of the time.

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Critic Reviews

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