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MacintoshmacHOME (Dec, 1996)
I looked forward to seeing these discs, hoping the company would choose classic nostalgic work, or perhaps higher quality, more contemporary comic material, and then apply the latest in animation and other digital effects. Instead they took some mediocre cartoons and worsened them in the translation to CD-ROM. This is one attempt at entertaining multimedia that missed the mark. Here’s hoping the company’s next tries, including some based on the great Tick cartoons, work out better.
Windows 3.xAll Game Guide (1998)
Odds are that you'll find this one in a bargain bin. Even if they're giving it away for free it's probably not worth your time -- all 12 minutes of it. If you've got a hankering for some interactive Superman action on your computer screen, you'll be much happier with The Multipath Adventures of Superman, which is very similarly priced.