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The basic idea behind the game is to remove all Sveerz from the playfield before they reach the most upper row. For this you must use your brain, or say better, your memory.

The Sveerz are extra-terrestrials who cruise the galaxy with their spaceship (the playfield).

The game offers four different game modes: Arcade, Memory, Puzzle, and Rhythm

While Puzzle is actually the one game mode, where you don’t need good memory to survive, so is it a game mode, which you can also find in the other three game modes, as the basics. So, I begin with it:

Once you started a game, you will be confronted with your playfield, which is hexagon-style. At the beginning, a certain amount of Sveerz is already in the playfield, currently floating, while a much higher number of them are in reserve (up to 99). Furthermore, there is a crossing station. Once you clicked someone, they all fall down, filling the hexagon playfield. Now the game really begins.

Once you clicked someone, he disappears and the ones from the crossing station will fall down into the playfield. If the playfield is empty, for whatever reason, this click will move Sveerz from the reserve to the crossing station, and the next click will drop them down. While you can only click one Sveerz at a time, normally up to 4 of them falling down. So, you now have to use strategic skills, or better say, you must create “Combos”. A Combo happens, when at least 3 Sveerz of the same colour (possible are red, blue, green, and yellow) forming a row, either horizontal, or diagonal (vertical is not possible, because of the hexagon). Once this happens, they disappear and you get extra scores. The more Combos you make simultaneously, the better you score. There is no difference between “real” or “following” simultaneously (immediately disappearing or disappearing follows disappearing without a turn). The Oversveerz (needed for the other three modes, explanation there) will tell you, how good you are (Double, Triple, Quad, or Krazy Combo). When you removed them all, you proceed to the next level. If they reached the top row and new drop in, you lost.

If you good enough to clear the playfield while there are still Sveerz to clear (from reserve/crossing), the level prematurely ends successful with a “Perfect Clear”, and showing you a “Perfect Clear Level Completed”-scene, one of a dozen unique.

To make this more challenging, there a three types of special Sveerz in this game mode. Multiplier Sveerz (offer 2x, 3x, and 5x multiplier), Wall Sveerz (will redirect dropping Sveerz, or block them, if there are more than just one Wall Sveerz), and Bomb Sveerz (will destroy any Sveerz direct adjacent to them, including Wall Sveerz).

The Arcade game mode now needs your memory. This time, not only the little Sveerz are important, but also the 4 big Oversveerz at the outer edge of the playfield. Once you start the game, these Oversveerz will sing you a special colour sequence. Like green, red, green, now you must click the little Sveerz in exact the same sequence. If you do this, they vanish, if you made it wrong, nothing happens. Either way, from time to time, new Sveerz dropping in. Furthermore, there is a (short) time limit. If you need too much time, the sequence will eventually fail. All the bonuses and special Sveerz, like Combos and Bombs, are also in this mode (available). So you can make some Combos, if you made sequences wrong, to prevent loosing. Bombs working special here, they not only destroy the adjacent Sveerz, but they also interrupt the current sequence, resulting in a success, even with no Sveerz removed. So, if you can’t remember the sequence, cancel it with a bomb. Furthermore, this game mode introduces a new special bonus, the Chain Reaction. If you click adjacent Sveerz while clicking the sequence, you are getting special bonus points. But they must be clicked adjacent, means first left, then middle, then right is a Chain Reaction. But first middle, then left, then right is no Chain Reaction, even when they all adjacent.

While Arcade is fast paced with short sequences, Memory needs now really your memory. In this game mode you have much more time to answer the sequence, but you need this time, since the sequences becoming really long (up to a dozen colours, maybe more). In this game mode, there is a unique Sveerz available, who help you when you forgot a certain colour – the Rainbow Sveerz. This works like a joker, once you click him, he will change into the correct colour currently needed. If you make the sequence, he will vanish with all the other Sveerz involved. If you fail, he will stay with the colour he was meant to be.

The final game mode is called Rhythm. This is the most complex mode. It works like Arcade, but has three major differences. First, there is a time limit, but if you fail to complete the sequence in time, nothing happens, except the sequence gets reset and a new one starts. Second, in addition to the correct sequence, you also have to provide the rhythm, which were used by the Oversveerz. So you must reproduce the sequence with the exact pause length between each colours sung. Third, the Sveerz dropping, it is now directly related to your success with the rhythm. If you make a 100% exact reproduction of the sequence, no Sveerz will drop. For decreasing accuracy, the number of dropping Sveerz will increase (1 Sveerz for 75%-99%; 2 for 50%-74%; 3 for 25%-49%, and 4 for 0%-24%). Good luck.

In addition to the game modes, the game offers the following special features: Multiple local highscores, one for each game mode; a worldwide Internet based highscore; and Text-to-Speech-function, which will practically speak anything in the game, including your score, and even your name. Both Oversveerz and Text-to-Speech Voices can be customized.


Sveerz Deluxe Windows Chain Reaction
Sveerz Deluxe Windows Rhythm 100%
Sveerz Deluxe Windows Bomb
Sveerz Deluxe Windows Level Bonus

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Killer Betties Windows May 21, 2007 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars 80
Inside Mac Games (IMG) Macintosh May 26, 2005 6.75 out of 10 68


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One of the Perfect Clear sequences shows a Halloween theme, where three Sveerz are dressed up as QBz, which is another of Skunk Studios games.
Contributed to by Kabushi (257496) and Xoleras (66479)