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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.6
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.1
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.1
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 2.8
Overall User Score (8 votes) 3.1

Critic Reviews

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Switch Player (Mar 07, 2017)
1-2-Switch is guaranteed to generate more than a few laughs in social situations, even if some of the games will only be played once or twice. It's definitely THE title to show off the Switch's features, if you wanted to show them off. It lacks any real long term sustenance, though, and definitely should have been a pack in.
65 (Mar 02, 2017)
1, 2 Switch assure son rôle de distraction grand public. Il tient ainsi plus de l'amuse-bouche vidéoludique que du véritable party-game fouillé que l’on relancera à chaque soirée entre copains. Malgré sa très bonne utilisation des différentes capacités des Joycon, les différents mini-jeux et modes de jeux qu’il nous propose manquent trop de profondeur pour être intéressants sur le long terme. Cela ne les empêche pas d'être particulièrement fun le temps d'une petite partie occasionelle avec des amis ou avec des amateurs souhaitant découvrir la Nintendo Switch.
Games TM (Mar 23, 2017)
It's a game that will fit in at any party or family home, but it's a shame that because of the simple fact it isn't packed in with the console it won't necessarily find its audience. For those that pick it up, that first time through, with new people - it's genuinely magic. After that, there's little left.
FNintendo (Mar 12, 2017)
1-2-Switch é um jogo bastante competente e consegue mostrar algum do potencial dos Joy-Con, nomeadamente o HD Rumble. Contudo apresenta igualmente alguns problemas graves que reduzem o seu valor. Não há modos para jogadores solitários, sendo um produto unicamente multijogador. Portanto só vale a pena ser adquirido por quem tenha sempre a casa cheia com amigos ou familiares. Por outro lado, o preço pedido em loja – cerca de €50 - é um absurdo. Este é o tipo de jogo que deveria ser oferecido com a Nintendo Switch e funcionar como uma espécie de Wii Sports. Assim é apenas indicado a quem esteja desesperado por diversão multijogador local. Aos restantes jogadores, só se encontrarem muito barato em alguma promoção.
Nintendo Life (Mar 02, 2017)
For a retail game, 1-2-Switch feels a little anemic, and would have been much better suited as a pack-in title. Nintendo has countered this stance by claiming that it couldn't bundle the game due to cost, but including a download code with each Switch sold wouldn't have incurred any real physical expense – beyond lost retail sales, of course - and that would have been a sensible trade-off when you consider how solid an advert this game is for the system. How many people were sold on the Wii's merits simply by witnessing Wii Sports at a friend's house? By refusing to bundle 1-2-Switch with the base system, Nintendo has missed out on the kind of exposure that marketing simply cannot buy you; as a stand-alone release it feels too fleeting and ephemeral, but as a free pack-in it would arguably have been much more appealing.
1-2-Switch is pretty heavy on the dancing mini games. Again we go back to the controls issue we ran into with 1-2-Switch. This game should have come free with the system.
Link Cable Gaming (Mar 07, 2017)
“If you do decide that the game is for you or receive it as a gift you’ll definitely have fun playing it, just don’t expect to play it for very long.”
Way Too Many Games (Oct 18, 2017)
I find it pretty hard to recommend 1-2-Switch. There is some potential in this title. It could have been a great pack-in title, a nice little freebie, a neat tech demo for all Switch users. Because, in the end, that’s what 1-2-Switch is: a glorified tech demo, and a very very very expensive one at that. If you can find a used copy in a year or two for less than twenty bucks, then go for it. If not, just hope some friend of yours owns this game, then just play it for a couple of hours.
Digitally Downloaded (Mar 06, 2017)
The misfortune here for Nintendo EAD is that party games need to be accessible and appealing to a mass audience, but 1-2-Switch settles for a very specific demographic and all but alienates the rest. For that reason, it’s not a purchase I would recommend; it would have been better as a "free" pack in so that people would get the chance to try it for themselves before deciding on whether it had any long-term longevity for them.
God is a Geek (Mar 06, 2017)
As a concept, 1-2-Switch works to show off the “play anywhere” concept, but it’s just painfully average and over-priced. If you’re desperate for a new game, buy Snipperclips or Bomberman. Christ, buy Shovel Knight again and play through the timed exclusive new content, but understand that 1-2-Switch will only ever feel like something you shouldn’t have had to pay money for, and for all the fun you’ll initially have, it’s destined to be left on the shelf gathering dust after a week or so. Wii Sports this is not, and that’s a great shame, because there is fun to be had here, just not enough of it.
50 (Mar 06, 2017)
Det blir sikkert noen gjensyn med spillet etter hvert. Mitt håp er at Nintendo justerer ned prisen, fikser synkroniseringsproblemene med Joy-Con så fort som overhode mulig, og kanskje legger til noen flere minispill i utvidelsespakker. Fram til den tid har jeg fått mer enn nok.
Destructoid (Mar 07, 2017)
I'd have had no hesitation in recommending 1-2-Switch if it were included with the Switch or maybe $20 max, but as it stands it is far too expensive for the dash of entertainment it provides. 1-2-Switch is a good distraction for parties with people who don't game much, or those looking for something a little different than Cards Against Humanity for the millionth time. Otherwise, wait for a deep price drop.
The Game Hoard (Sep 18, 2019)
With over half of its games being either too dull to want to play again, easily solvable so they stop being fun challenges, prone to control issues, or flawed as a concept, 1-2-Switch ends up with few minigames to really redeem it, and even some of those are just passable. The tense duels of Quick Draw, the reaction challenges of Telephone and Signal Flags, the social interaction of Sneaky Dice… these can’t hold up an experience where poor audio-only adaptations of sports, shallow shaking games, and minigames with zero longevity crowd them out. There is room to enjoy just the better games for some quick casual fun at a party, but they’ve been packaged with just a few too many undercooked ideas, making the game as a whole more prone to groaning than laughter.
We Got This Covered (Mar 02, 2017)
Outside of a few interesting ideas and some cool demonstrations of the Joy-Con controllers' HD rumble capabilities, 1-2 Switch's shallow collection of minigames has little to offer. The bizarre actors of the cringe-inducing live-action video demonstrations looked like they were having fun, but I certainly wasn't.
Saudi Gamer (Mar 14, 2017)
عدد الألعاب واختلافها كافيين لأن تمضي ساعتين في اللعبة على الأقل، وهي لعبة سترجع لها كلما أردت استعراض السويتش لأصدقائك، لكن بساطة وعدم دقة الألعاب وافتقادها لطابعها الخاص يحد من متعتها وعمرها.
Gamekult (Mar 03, 2017)
On doit pourtant reconnaître à la formule de fonctionner quand les conditions de temps et de lieu sont réunies, ou dans certaines interactions (parent/enfant, potes bourrés/potes bourrés) qui rendent le titre attachant mais nettement moins universel que ne pouvait l’être un Wii Sports. D’autant que Nintendo aurait pu faire beaucoup mieux sur le fond comme sur la forme, avec trop de jeux qui ne servent à rien et un habillage graphique et sonore qui trahit moins le manque de budget que le manque de goût des créateurs. Mais en attendant un Mario Kart 8 Deluxe ou le renfort de jeux indépendants, c’est malheureusement l’un des seuls jeux qui vous permette actuellement de réunir des amis autour de votre Switch chèrement acquise. Riez donc de vos potes qui font de l’air guitar ou qui traient une vache imaginaire ; au fond, le plus ridicule d’entre tous, c’est celui qui aura payé le jeu plein pot.
Game Rant (Mar 02, 2017)
This is something that should have come pre-installed on the hardware gratis to better acquaint consumers with the tech. Instead it’s been given a slightly discounted price point and shipped in time for the launch of the Nintendo Switch. Perhaps if the company added enough content to justify the cost, it wouldn’t be such a sore point in the system’s launch lineup. Maybe if Nintendo opted to include it as a pack-in, it would have allowed users to appreciate the half-hearted nature of its lackluster design.
JeuxActu (Mar 07, 2017)
Au-delà de cette erreur marketing, Nintendo a aussi fait le choix de la vendre au prix surréaliste de 50€, le tarif proposé pour Zelda Breath of the Wild chez certaines enseignes. Une incompréhension totale de la part de la firme japonaise qui aura du mal aussi à justifier l’intérêt ludique de sa compilation où l’expérience ne dépasse guère les 30 secondes de jeu, surtout en 2017. Et ce n’est pas parce que la cartouche contient 28 mini-jeux que l’on peut se montrer conciliant, car une fois le tri des doublons et des déchets faits, il ne reste au final moins d'une dizaine d’épreuves qui peuvent prêter à sourire. Car en l’état, c’est-à-dire sans aucune goutte d’alcool dans le sang, on ne voit pas comment Nintendo réussira à nous donner envie d'y revenir en dehors des soirées dépraves. On pensait le motion gaming appartenir à une époque révolue, le voici revenu sous sa forme la plus gênante. Drôle de gueule de bois...
28 (Mar 07, 2017)
Seit dem unsäglichen Wii Music hat mich kein Spiel von Nintendo so sehr enttäuscht wie diese völlig überteuerte, spaßfreie und mitunter einfach nur peinliche Sammlung an oberflächlichen Tech-Demos, die als Minispiele getarnt werden. 1-2-Switch! ist kein Kaufargument für die neue Konsole, sondern stellt eher eine wirkungsvolle Abschreckung dar. Selbst im Partymodus für bis zu 20 Teilnehmer will man eher den Kopf statt die Joy-Cons schütteln, wenn man diese Tortur mitsamt der billigen Präsentation über sich ergehen lassen muss. So kann man dem Fehlen dieses Machwerks im Hardware-Paket doch noch etwas Positives abgewinnen, denn selbst geschenkt wäre mir 1-2-Switch! noch zu teuer. Bleibt die Hoffnung auf ein Comeback von Wario Ware oder den Rabbids, damit auf Switch vielleicht doch noch irgendwann echter Minispiel-Partyspaß aufkommt.
The Video Game Critic (May 09, 2017)
To its credit, 1-2-Switch boasts slick production values, bright color schemes, and enthusiastic actors. Judging from the tutorial videos alone you'd expect every game to be a complete riot. Other critics have written off 1-2-Switch as a glorified tech demo that should have been shipped with the system. They are correct.
Digitiser 2000 (Mar 09, 2017)
1-2-Switch is probably a bit overpriced for what it is, but a brand new copy of the Trivial Pursuit Master Edition would set you back 40 quid... and that doesn't even let you pretend in front of your friends and family that you're masturbing furiously. Well, you could I suppose, but it's unlikely to help you win a game of general knowledge.

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