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Switch Player (Jun 27, 2017)
ARMS is what Nintendo franchises thrive to be on the whole; a fun, outside the box take on something that's close to many of their fans' hearts. They've done to fighting what Mario Kart has done to racing, and Splatoon has done to third-person shooters - they've given the genre something shiny, addictive, and new. Forget the Midas touch, ARMS has the Nintendo touch... and it makes every punch you throw that much sweeter.
90 (Jun 07, 2017)
„ARMS“ ist ein beeindruckendes Spiel, das stundenlangen Spaß garantiert. Das liegt an den vielfältigen Charakteren, den tollen Modi, vor allem aber am großartigen Kampfsystem. Dieses wirkt zugleich simpel aber auch immens vielfältig, was deutlich macht, wie durchdacht der Titel eigentlich ist. Der Star ist allerdings der Online-Modus, der auch nach unzähligen Runden noch immer spannende Kämpfe und genügend Abwechslung bietet. „ARMS“ ist unser Sommer-Hit 2017, den sich kein Nintendo-Switch-Besitzer entgehen lassen darf.
Nintendo Life (Jun 16, 2017)
ARMS is polished, addictive, immensely rewarding and - perhaps most important of all - establishes a solid platform to create a popular and long-running series.
85 (Jun 16, 2017)
Overall, Nintendo has another hit IP with Arms. It may seem simplistic at first, which is great for parties, but there’s a lot of depth and strategy beneath the surface the more you delve into the game. If you have a Switch, there’s no reason not to check this out.
Link Cable Gaming (Jun 22, 2017)
“Arms offers a fun and surprisingly initiative game that uses motion controls to their fullest potentials.”
Wizard Dojo (Jun 21, 2017)
It may not quite have that same level of freshness that Splatoon had when it arrived in 2015, but ARMS is most assuredly a worthy follow-up to the ink-based shooter as a new, off-the-wall member of the Nintendo family.
GameSpace (Jun 09, 2017)
ARMS staying power will depend on its ability to form a community around this punchy little title. Currently, Nintendo has plans to release additional stages and fighters for free. This DLC will help the title keep its legs underneath it while the Switch install base grows and the ARMS community grows with it. The early success of the Switch and the level of detail that Nintendo has crafted into ARMS assures that this is a great franchise with huge potential for growth that is fun for newcomers and veteran fighting game fans alike.
Saudi Gamer (Jun 24, 2017)
لعبة مميزة بمظهرها و شخصياتها و موسيقاها، وأيضاً بطريقة لعبها البسيطة للمبتدئين لكن عميقة لمن يريد احترافها، لكن يعيبها حالياً قلة محتواها وكون معظم الأطوار غير الأساسي ضعيفة نوعا ما.
Polygon (Jun 07, 2017)
Arms exudes a level of creativity and mechanical sophistication that feels uniquely Nintendo. It evokes memories of classic Nintendo games like Punch-Out!!, while also feeling equally fashionable and modern — and set next to Splatoon, suggests the publisher is already charting a path toward the future. With a stylish, memorable cast of characters, inventive gameplay mechanics and smart use of the Switch hardware, Arms already feels like Nintendo's next great new franchise.
80 (Jun 16, 2017)
Arms suit la lignée de Splatoon en avançant un concept à forte dynamique multi en ligne. Avec un gameplay accessible de prime à bord mais terriblement technique au final, il offre une profondeur de gameplay étonnante, dispersée dans de multiples modes de jeu. En solo ou à plusieurs, il propose du challenge et quelques barres de rires même si on sent que le concept ne demande qu'à évoluer. Peu importe s'il fait partie des titres pour lesquels « le deuxième sera bien meilleur », Arms dispose déjà de toutes les ficelles du bon jeu de combat allié aux recettes du multi sauce Nintendo.
IGN (Jun 07, 2017)
Arms’ clever take on boxing provides a simple premise with a startling amount of depth for those who would seek to master the stretching appendages. Its rapidly evolving lobby system had me sticking around for “just one more match.” There may not be a lot worth unlocking right now, but planned free updates may just give Arms some additional legs.
Way Too Many Games (Jun 19, 2017)
Arms is indeed a good game, albeit a flawed one. It took Nintendo twelve years, three console generations and dozens of failed gaming attempts for them to finally come out with a game with actually awesome motion controls, and that makes me excited for the Switch’s future. Just like Splatoon was Ninty’s take on the online third-person shooting scene, Arms is their take on the competitive online fighting scene. Now, if they could only fix the non-motion controls for Arms 2, that would be perfect. It sounds so weird for me to write this and not the other way round…Oh, and for the love of everything that’s sacred, get rid of that stupid volleyball minigame, Nintendo!
75 (Jun 21, 2017)
Das Konzept mit seiner reduzierten, aber effektiv nutzbaren Schlagmechanik sowie der farbenfrohen Kulisse geht auf - auch dank des sympathischen Figurendesigns. Arms spielt sich wie eine weiter entwickelte Variante des Klassikers Punch-Out. Mit lediglich zehn Kämpfern und letztlich nur einem vernünftigen sowie redundanten Solo-Modus werden aber zu wenige Inhalte geboten. Nur das Freispielen neuer Handschuhe lockt bedingt. Als Party-Prügler und im Online-Spiel ist Arms etwas langlebiger. Dabei ist allerdings dringend geraten, sich auf eine Steuerungsoption für alle Spieler zu einigen, da die Bewegungskontrolle sehr wankelmütige Ergebnisse liefert und man hier nur mit enorm viel Übung eine Chance gegen Spieler hat, die auf die gute Standard-Steuerung setzen. Unter dem Strich ist Arms kurzweilig und im Duell gegen menschliche Spieler immer mal wieder ein Spielchen wert.
Giant Bomb (Jun 20, 2017)
Nintendo's newest title delivers on tone and fleeting fun, but struggles to sink its hooks in.
60 (Jun 28, 2017)
ARMS er morsomt og originalt, men tilbyr altfor lite.
The Jimquisition (Jun 09, 2017)
Arms is a really weird game. At its core it’s a simple, accessible fighting game with a really strong gameplay loop and room for player growth competitively, but a pair of fundamentally flawed control schemes, a lack of decent modes and a glacially slow random unlock system for items that fundamentally change how characters can function make it a really tough package to recommend.