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atari kombinera
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N-Europe (Jul 22, 2018)
Lately the eShop has started become very crowded with games that are quick cash grabs, broken or just flat out shovelware. This game isn't any of those things and its a reminder of what the eShop can be used for if a game is created with passion, creativity and care. While the adventure maybe be a short affair if you decide to critical path the game, those who take the time to collect all the gems and find the hidden paths will get the most out of this and they will see some of the more tricky puzzles and platforming that the game has to offer. This is certainly worth the money and I hope more people give it a try in the near future.
Nintendo Life (Jul 12, 2018)
There’s nothing particularly revolutionary about Bomb Chicken, it’s enjoyable predominantly because of its classic approach and how refined each aspect of the game is including the core bomb-laying mechanic. Each level is intelligently designed and has a great sense of flow. The puzzles and enemies are fair but challenging and the controls are precise and responsive. Unlike fast food, this isn't a cheap, quick and nasty solution that will leave you regretting your purchase - this is a blast.
Switchaboo (Jul 14, 2018)
Some of the levels in Bomb Chicken can be surprisingly short, despite how frustrating they may seem. The levels start off simple enough, but be warned that this game becomes SUPER difficult towards the end. Bomb Chicken certainly has a lot of personality and is a solid puzzle platformer at times, but the praise ends there as the game will often make you want to pull your hair out in frustration.
The Game Hoard (Mar 20, 2020)
Bomb Chicken’s main mechanic is pushed to interesting places, but it’s always held back by the complete devotion to it. The level designs scale in difficulty well and there are some thrilling challenges to be found here and there, but a lot of the game is about getting your timing perfect for detonations or dealing with a world you aren’t the best fit for. A lot of the puzzles are tied to outpacing the fuse of your only tools for solving them, slowing down the game because of the constant presence of fuse timers, and the fact those tools can kill you and reset the room can grow frustrating as the game throws more ways of inciting accidental deaths. The game does do a pretty thorough exploration of what its simple mechanic can do and has some neat gimmicks related to it, and its pixel art is certainly fun to look at, but Bomb Chicken’s excellent craftsmanship in those areas feels like it would have gotten along better with a more versatile way of interacting with it all.

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