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GamesRadar (Feb 25, 2021)
Bravely Default 2 is one of the best games to point to when people ask what makes JRPGs fun.
Video Chums (Feb 25, 2021)
Fans of the Bravely series will have a blast with Bravely Default II. It may not stray far from its predecessors but it does deliver another thoroughly enjoyable journey with updated graphics and a whole new story with loveable characters.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Mar 01, 2021)
Bravely Default 2 voegt uitstekende ideeën toe aan de traditionele RPG-formule. Het vechtsysteem is een knaller en de jobs leveren uren RPG-plezier. De moeilijkheidsgraad is echter een struikelblok.
80 (Mar 05, 2021)
Mit Bravely Default und Bravely Second: End Layer hat Bravely Default 2 keine direkte Verbindung – es wird eine neue Geschichte mit frischen Gesichtern in einer eigenen Welt erzählt. Spielerisch bleibt man den Vorgängern allerdings treu: Auf der Suche nach vier legendären Kristallen schaltet man bis zu zwei Dutzend Charakterklassen frei, die man stufenweise verbessern und kombinieren kann, was natürlich einen gewissen Grind mit sich bringt. Die rundenbasierten Kämpfe mit ihrem taktischen Ansparen und Borgen von Zügen sind nach wie vor interessant konzipiert - der Originalitätsbonus der Vorgänger ist mittlerweile allerdings verflogen. Auch sonst wirken viele Elemente wie Inszenierung, Spielfluss und Leveldesign reichlich angestaubt, die Charaktere wie aus dem Mii-Baukasten. Trotzdem hat mich ihr Abenteuer dank der immer wieder neuen Klassenkombinationen und motivierenden Charakteroptimierung gut unterhalten. Und für nach wie vor Unschlüssige gibt’s außerdem eine kostenlose Demo.
RPG Site (Feb 25, 2021)
I wish it didn’t play things so safe, but in hindsight I understand the logic behind that decision. The focus was shifted to a more grounded story with a cast of loveable characters that I found to be a big improvement over Bravely Default’s cast. I was addicted to this game from start to finish, and even after completing everything it has to offer, I still haven’t had enough. I was able to look past the flaws - and if you can too, you’ll have an absolute ball.
Looked at through the nitty-gritty of its stat-based party management, Bravely Default II is a commendable third outing that at its best reaffirms just how joyous the IP’s approach to both RPG gameplay and nostalgia remains all these years on. Unfortunately, with its inevitable transition to console comes a bevvy of technical stutters, questionable limitations on visual fidelity and a rather blunt necessity for extended periods of grind, those of which even the fond art-style can not hide for long. Which is a shame, as the beating heart of not just the series, but of JRPG’s storied history, remains as alive and as engaging as it’s always been. Something which fans of the 3DS releases will no doubt latch onto with dogged determination and eventual glee. Bravely Default II does have more than its share of bumps in the road, but it’s a road still worth taking.
Edge (Mar 25, 2021)
Granted, criticising a JRPG for being long and grindy is a bit like complaining that your socks are wet after wading into a river, yet Claytechworks' threequel never fully recovers from its slow start. Yes, it really does get good after 20 hours, but even then it never lives up to its name - not-so-bravely defaulting to genre convention at almost every turn.