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GameSpace (Dec 06, 2018)
While the penalty for running in to things feels too stiff, the annoyance strangely merges with the overall arcade pastiche of Horizon Chase Turbo to feel more appropriate than unfair, and the variety of great things this arcade racer does far outshine the bad. A must for classic gaming fans.
Nintendo Life (Nov 27, 2018)
If you’ve been craving an arcade racer for your Switch, look no further. Horizon Chase Turbo is a hugely enjoyable love letter to a gaming era when the cars were fast, the music was catchy, the action was smooth and the sky was bluer than an Eddie Murphy stand-up routine. Its enormous selection of tracks, addictive World Tour mode and excellent local multiplayer make it an absolute must-have for anyone even remotely interested in the genre.
God is a Geek (Nov 28, 2018)
It almost feels like Horizon Chase did to Out Run what Octopath Traveler did to 16 bit era JRPGs when it comes to feel and visuals. If you need something to satiate your old school racing desire before Out Run shows up next year, get this. It is a must play title.
NintendoWorldReport (Nov 27, 2018)
I’m not usually one for racing games, but Horizon Chase Turbo balances arcade gameplay with just enough strategery to keep me involved and at the edge of my seat most of the time. Very often, upon eeking out a first-place victory on a difficult course, I would cheer and hold my fist aloft, confusing our dog. This is not something I usually do with racing games. I kind of wish online multiplayer was in here (it does have persistent global and friend leaderboards), but it’s a small price to pay for this lovely package. Horizon Chase Turbo was a very pleasant surprise--go play it.
Mentre giocavo una partita mi è capitato di fare una telefonata e dall’altro capo dell’auricolare mi sono sentito chiedere: “Ma sei in sala giochi?”. Onestamente penso non si possa fare complimento migliore ad Aquiris e al loro Horizon Chase Turbo. Pochi altri titoli sono riusciti a rievocare così bene un genere legato a un’epoca passata senza rinunciare a imporre una propria personalità e un proprio stile.
Pocket Gamer UK (Dec, 2018)
Horizon Chase Turbo is a game of few fresh ideas that nevertheless remains compelling as an often electric arcade racing bonanza.
Nintendo Insider (Dec 07, 2018)
All of this makes Horizon Chase Turbo a bit of a frustrating experience. Where it excels is in ideas and concepts, yet it falters on the basic function of exciting racing. It looks and sounds good but lacks any memorable locations or tracks and it straddles an odd balance between pure arcade racer and pseudo-simulation, with its use of refuelling and permanent upgrades. And yet I finished the World Tour mode, knocked out some tournaments ready to write this review, but still find myself booting it up for the odd fifteen minutes and still thinking about how I’d like to chase a first place in every race. I’m obviously chasing something along with the developers.
Digitally Downloaded (Nov 30, 2018)
Horizon Chase Turbo does a good job of creating a sense of speed, and emulating the look and feel of Out Run. Where it falls down is in replacing the timer mechanics of Out Run, which made for a frustrating but ultimately exciting and tense arcade game, with a more typical racing track structure. It plays fine, but with none of the intensity, nor sense of reward, of the game it pulls almost all of its inspiration from.