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Digital Chumps (Mar 12, 2017)
Everything from the length of the game (around 25 hours), the battle system, difficult, art, music, characters — this has proven to be a treat of an experience for me and one I would happily recommend to any Switch owner.
We Got This Covered (Mar 13, 2017)
Though it's narratively, visually and aurally filled with anguish and sorrow, I Am Setsuna's charming personality has the strength and the warmth to melt all but the iciest of hearts, which couldn't make me happier.
Boobs and Bullets (Jun 07, 2017)
Es ist verlockend I Am Setsuna seine Reduziertheit vorzuwerfen – manch westlicher Schreiberling tat dies auch. Ich sehe sie jedoch als große Stärke. Die starke Story steht im Rampenlicht und es gibt kein überflüssiges Gameplay-Element. Wenige aber dafür durchdachte Mechaniken greifen (fast) perfekt ineinander. Ich habe sogar gerne gegrindet, gerade weil ich nicht musste. Dafür hauche ich achtmal leise Rosebud.
God is a Geek (Mar 14, 2017)
I am Setsuna is the same game as it was eight months ago; no more, no less. It’s lovely to look at, the music is great and it’s a welcome slice of 90s JRPG action. Being the same game means that the flaws it had then are the same flaws it has now, they’re not deal-breakers but many will find them irritating. If you’re after an adventure away from Breath of the Wild then I am Setsuna is at least worthy of a cursory glance.
Destructoid (Mar 18, 2017)
From a presentational and mechanical standpoint, I Am Setsuna manages to lay the foundations for an incredibly solid role-playing game. Unfortunately, this experience is often marred by a wholly predictable story, forgettable characters, and dungeons that feel completely uninspired. Still, if you just so happen to be in the mood for a traditional JRPG, and you're looking for something to play on your newly-acquired Nintendo Switch, you should consider checking this one out.
Switch Player (Mar 09, 2017)
I am Setsuna is an enjoyable and more than competent JRPG, which while weak in story more than makes up for this with a strong combat system and fantastic presentation.
59 (Mar 06, 2017)
Ich mag Rollenspiele alter Schule. Aber I Am Setsuna lässt mich auch auf Switch fast einschlafen. Weder die statische Inszenierung noch die über weite Strecken kinderleichten Kämpfe oder die eindimensionale Charakterentwicklung können mich wach halten. Lediglich die plötzlich beinharten Bosse sowie das dort nötige Management der kombinierbaren Spezialfähigkeiten vitalisieren den Kreislauf so weit, dass ich diesen Test schreiben kann. Zwischen Gemütlichkeit und Langeweile verläuft manchmal ein schmaler Grat, aber hier reißen die Entwickler nach dem stimmungsvollen Einstieg einen steil abfallenden Graben auf - da knistert nichts, da gähnt man nur. Erkundungsreize oder tolle Quests? Fehlanzeige.
GIZORAMA (May 05, 2017)
I Am Setsuna tries to imitate a lot of what Chrono Trigger did well, however it just can't quite manage in many areas. A lot the mechanics are clunky and unintuitive, but the combat system itself is very fluid, despite a lack of challenge from enemies. There was a huge opportunity for this world, that failed to materialize, with tons of empty areas that felt like content was planned for but scrapped. While not a bad game, Setsuna fails to shine and remain strong in my memory.
Can't Stop the Movies (Oct 24, 2017)
Nostalgia is the core of I Am Setsuna, created and marketed as a conscious throwback to the heyday of '90s JRPGs. On that measure alone, I Am Setsuna is of questionable quality as its slight tweaks to what made those '90s JRPGs special range from streamlining the experience too much to obtuse mechanisms so poorly implemented I decided not to bother. But the nostalgia isn't just part of the gameplay - it's fused with the soundtrack, the eternally falling snow, character motivations, and dialogue. What emerges is an overwhelming sense of melancholy, morphing the questionable quality of the game itself to an overall experience that is an interesting failure.