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Nintendo Life (Apr 28, 2017)
Stunningly stylish and with an irresistibly kinetic sense of motion, Kamiko is a true gem. It's a quick ride, to be sure, but gorgeous pixel-art visuals, a lush soundtrack and three very different characters with plenty of speedrunning potential make it well worth coming back to. A uniquely appealing, action-packed package for less than the price of a prayer plaque, this is an easy recommendation for any Switch owner.
Switch Player (Apr 20, 2017)
A charming little game that melds action and puzzle elements together quite nicely, Kamiko is a pleasure to play and experience. It doesn't last too long, and some of the enemies are rather easy to dispatch - but the different characters and their unique weapons make it a good game to replay, and the speedrun elements add to the fun. Overall it's a great way to spend a few hours, and that cheap launch price definitely doesn't hurt its value any.
Link Cable Gaming (May 11, 2017)
All in all, Kamiko is a great budget title that offers quick and easy to pick up and play action that not only looks good but plays well too.
Geeks Under Grace (May 04, 2017)
Kamiko is a fun, light game you can easily pick up and enjoy. Despite its brevity and lack of narrative, the time spent cleansing shrines and wandering the world Flyhigh created made for a memorable experience.
Nintendo Insider (May 22, 2017)
All of us at some point in our lives would have bought a much more inferior game than Kamiko that would have lasted a lot longer. But at the end of the day, if you get a better game at a very low price, regardless of how long the experience lasts, if you asked me which is the better deal of the two, I would go with Kamiko every day. If you want a (really) quick gaming fix for your Switch then you can’t go wrong with Kamiko.
70 (Apr 22, 2017)
Wer von dem pixeligen Stil vieler aktueller Indie-Spiele noch nicht genervt ist, bekommt mit „Kamiko” ein niedliches, kleines Spiel. Dank drei Charaktere, die sich sehr unterschiedlich spielen, interessantem Gameplay und abwechslungsreichen Bosskämpfen wird man gut unterhalten. Der einzige Haken: Nicht zuletzt dank des recht niedrigen Schwierigkeitsgrades wird man nach nicht einmal drei Stunden „Kamiko” mit allen drei Heldinnen beendet und dabei auch alle Geheimnisse entdeckt haben. Nur wenn man sehr gerne seine eigenen Zeiten unterbietet, wird man dann noch weitere Durchgänge einlegen.
70 (Jul 23, 2017)
Kamiko réussit parfaitement à remettre le style Zelda-like au goût du jour, bien aidé par une ambiance 8-bit très bien retranscrite et un prix abordable. Mais même s'il parvient à dépoussiérer le genre, on regrette qu'il n'aille pas plus loin et ne propose rien de vraiment neuf. En outre, le soft est vraiment très court, même en jouant les trois personnages (trois heures tout au plus). Avec son succès grandissant depuis son arrivée sur l'eShop, on espère que Skipmore continue sur sa lancée pour nous proposer dans le futur quelque chose de plus consistant.
Way Too Many Games (Apr 20, 2017)
There isn’t much else to say about Kamiko. It’s as small as its pricetag. Given the fact it goes for less than five dollars at the moment, it might be interesting if you’re desperately looking for games during this initial period of not much variety for the Switch. Just don’t expect much from it, it’s just a perfectly average game you’ve seen a million times already.
If you're looking for an ambitious open world game, or an adventure game to keep you busy even a mere 6 or 8 hours, Kamiko isn't the right choice. It's too brief to stump any experienced players, and likely too shallow to inspire most players of any skill level to return to it once they've finished it the first time. However, the game is priced quite reasonably and is different from a lot of the other stuff you'll currently find on the eShop, so maybe give it a shot if you're interested in experiencing something a little outside your comfort zone.
RPG Site (May 07, 2017)
There are small glimpses that Kamiko could’ve been something more. I liked the rapid gameplay flow it’s going for. Stages are quick to get through and that works for me on the Switch. I just wish there was some variety to them between each of the characters though. For example, a stage could’ve had a new layout and objects in place that only the archer can hit. There’s no harm giving Kamiko a try because of its low price point, but there are much better alternatives.

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