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Kirby Star Allies hits all the perfect nostalgia notes you expect from a full-blown Kirby adventure, and adds just enough new twists to make something so familiar at this point feel fresh and fun again. The pink puffball has never played so well (particularly with others) before.
Destructoid (Mar 14, 2018)
I don't think HAL is very interested in drastically altering the Kirby formula at this point, and that's perfectly fine. Not every creation is going to be a masterpiece, but for the most part, all of the console iterations have a special degree of love and care that shine through. Kirby Star Allies is cute, gorgeous in its own special way, and fun to play. It's par for the course.
IGN (Mar 14, 2018)
The name Kirby Star Allies isn’t just for show. Whether you’re adventuring through Dream Land with up to three friends or playing with competent AI teammates, Kirby’s ever-rotating group of uniquely powered pals are the real stars of the show here. The creative ways you can combine abilities never gets old, which means there’s great potential for replayability especially with friends. I just wish the final boss battle hadn’t come just as the puzzles were starting to give me a challenge.
USgamer (Mar 14, 2018)
Kirby Star Allies' friend-making gimmick adds layers of playful fun to this solid Kirby adventure. It's a perfectly pleasant way to pass a weekend by yourself, or with friends of your own—though the game is best enjoyed via the Switch's handheld mode. You might not be impressed by Star Allies if you're just not into Kirby at all, but everyone else should say "Hiiiiiii~!"
It can be a bit confusing at times. Having so many characters on-screen -- both enemies and allies -- all acting of their own accord occasionally makes things a little hectic. Don't be surprised if you sometimes lose track of Kirby amid all of the movement and effects. And bonus multiplayer mini-games available on the title screen -- like one in which you simply bat a ball at an asteroid, aiming for maximum power -- feel like purposeless throwaway content, existing simply to pad out a game that's perhaps a little on the short side compared to other Nintendo platformers, such as Super Mario Odyssey. But don't worry about getting your money's worth. Kirby Star Allies has great replayability -- especially if you have a friend or family member who can play with you.
Nintendo-Online.de (Mar 14, 2018)
„Kirby Star Allies” ist einfach genau das, was man vom Spiel erwarten kann. Es bietet kinderfreundliche Hüpfunterhaltung, die aber auch im Herzen kindgebliebenen unglaublich viel Spaß machen wird. Leider mangelt es selbst bei den Geheimnissen wieder einmal stark an Herausforderung. Wer aber genau das erwartet, bekommt einen guten Ableger der Reihe geboten, den man fast uneingeschränkt empfehlen kann. Es ist merkwürdig, aber Kirby kann einen auch viele Jahre später mit einem simplen Spielkonzept ein Lächeln aufs Gesicht zaubern.
Shacknews (Mar 14, 2018)
The amount of room for experimentation in regards to mixing powers, the tandem abilities, and the tried-and-true level design are enough to make this feel like one of the better Kirby games in recent memory. But it's the drop-in, drop-out co-op that makes Kirby Star Allies truly stand out, making it one of the best couch co-op games to grace the Switch in this early life cycle.
Random Access (Apr 08, 2018)
This isn't a game worth owning the Nintendo Switch for. I don't think any one game will fit that bill. But if you've already got the console, Star Allies comes highly recommended. Even if you're someone burned out by repetitive Kirby titles, there's something in this one that makes it all worthwhile. It's goddamn Bio Spark.
Girl Gamers UK (Mar 27, 2018)
Kirby Star Allies is not a game that will break the Kirby mold. It is exactly what you would expect from a Kirby game, complete with stealing enemy abilities, a low difficulty and gorgeous visuals. However, a few new additions and the co-op friendly gameplay does make the game an ideal introduction for younger players on the Switch. Kirby Star Allies is a solid new Kirby game that is more than welcome on the Nintendo Switch.
Digitally Downloaded (Mar 15, 2018)
While it’s a little on the short side, Kirby Star Allies provides plenty of colourful fun throughout its story. While the bonus modes are largely a miss, there are plenty of secrets for dedicated players to find in the levels and some especially difficult puzzles to solve. HAL Laboratory may not be innovating here, but they’ve once again delivered an incredibly polished platformer that should appeal to all. Those looking for some cooperative fun will definitely want to check it out, as there are few better reasons to separate the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons.
Video Chums (Mar 19, 2018)
Kirby Star Allies offers plenty of classic adorable Kirby action with oodles of exciting abilities to discover. It may not be the most fulfilling game in the long-running series but there's no denying just how much fun there is to be had.
Retro Gamer (Apr 19, 2018)
It lacks the inventiveness of Planet Robotbot, but the included minigames do prove to be something of a time sink.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Mar 30, 2017)
HAL Laboratory brengt Kirby op verbluffend mooie wijze naar de Switch, maar is vergeten ook uitdagende gameplay toe te voegen. De casual Kirby-platformer wordt hierdoor wel heel erg casual.
Nintendo Life (Mar 14, 2018)
All in all, Kirby Star Allies is a fun, relaxing game that does a good job of showing off what makes the main Kirby series so great. The slow pace, diverse powers, beautiful environments, adorable enemy designs, and light difficulty ensure that this is an enjoyable ride from start to finish. But with that being said, there’s a lingering sense that the developer was a little too keen to play this one safe, and the lack of new ideas may come as a disappointment to series veterans. This is not the Super Mario Odyssey or The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild of the Kirby series, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a bad game. If you’ve never played a Kirby game before, this is a fantastic place to jump in, but if you’re a longtime fan, you may not be blown away.
Switch Player (Mar 14, 2018)
Kirby Star Allies sees the pink resident of Planet Popstar debut on the Nintendo Switch in a game that is fun but somewhat lacking in challenge. If you are looking for an entertaining platformer that can be enjoyed by all the family then this game is the perfect option. The Nintendo Switch has been a haven for some of the greatest, taxing indie platformers recently - Kirby Star Allies provides a pleasant palette cleanser for both young and old to enjoy.
Jeuxvideo.com (Mar 14, 2018)
Les nouvelles aventures de Kirby mélangent une bonne part d’action en plus d'un gros morceau de Plate-Forme, le tout aromatisé d’un zeste de puzzle à partager à quatre. Avec son assaisonnement basé sur le retournement d’adversaires et la combinaison de pouvoirs en équipe, on aurait pu espérer de ce Kirby Star Allies une formule rafraîchissante sortant la licence de sa saveur habituelle. Ce n’est cependant pas le cas, la faute à des combinaisons de pouvoirs finalement peu relevées et à un côté brouillon qui prend le dessus pendant la dégustation. Sa grande douceur le rend particulièrement accessible pour les plus jeunes, ce qui pourrait repousser les amateurs de sauces plus pimentées. On regrette davantage une composition très classique qui peine à amener cette assez bonne recette vers de nouveaux horizons gustatifs.
Games TM (Apr 19, 2018)
(...) While some additional fun can be had by sharing the experience in co-op and even diving into some of the minigames, the fact is that Kirby is easy enough in single-player and it only gets easier in multiplayer. The lack of challenge just hoovers up any remaining hope that this could live up to its best ideas.
Game Rant (Mar 23, 2018)
Kirby Star Allies isn’t a bad game, but it’s also totally unremarkable, and those expecting it to be one of the best Switch games of 2018 will likely be disappointed. It’s best suited for someone looking for a relaxing, low stakes platformer or something to play with their kids. Everyone else will find its lack of challenge and repetitiveness to be real roadblocks to enjoying it for more than a couple of hours at a time, as the game becomes monotonous and boring during longer play sessions.
4Players.de (Mar 15, 2018)
Ich kann ja verstehen, dass Kirby Star Allies sich primär an Anfänger richtet, doch selbst das angepeilte junge Publikum dürfte sich hier oft unterfordert fühlen. Wer zum ersten Mal auf der Switch mit seinen Kindern in ein kooperatives Jump-n-Run startet, wird vermutlich Spaß am bunten Getümmel haben: Die quietschbunten Figuren sind putzig animiert, der Ein- und Ausstieg ist herrlich unkompliziert und wenn Papa oder Mama keine Zeit mehr haben, helfen die KI-Freunde effektiv im Kampf. Doch abseits dieser Zielgruppe sorgt der viel zu niedrig angesetzte Schwierigkeitsgrad oft für herzhaftes Gähnen. Warum soll man mit all den theoretisch interessanten Fähigkeits-Kombinationen und Koop-Tricks experimentieren, wenn man problemlos mit allen davon ans Ziel gelangt? Über weite Strecken spielt sich das Abenteuer praktisch von alleine und sogar die auf spezielle Kräfte zugeschnittenen Rätsel sind meist zu schnell durchschaut.
Way Too Many Games (Mar 20, 2018)
Kirby Star Allies tried to do something new to revitalize the franchise, but they went too overboard with it. I loved the idea of having friends with powers help you out against certain villains and obstacles, but with so many available to you it was overkill. By the end of the game I had over 60 lives and had only died once. I killed myself on purpose just to see if it was possible to do so. My 4 year old daughter likes the game and finds it about her speed if that tells you anything. This game might have been worth the time if it had been around $20, but at $60 it’s robbery.

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