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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Screenshots (Nintendo Switch)

User Screenshots

Nintendo Switch version

A beautiful vista.
North of Hylia's Lake: Petrarok, monster of stone
You have to pray to the goddess Hylia when you have 4 symbols of worth
Breaking the barrier around the shrine's innards
One of the many Spirit Orbs which you can collect
Loading screen which also depict your status progress in hearts, stamina, Korok seeds collected, shrines completed and Divine Beast completed
Shrines working as a Warp/Way Point in reaching areas quickly
Divine Beast Vah Naboris running amok in the Gerudo Desert
Link is very shy wearing his traditional female Gerudo Outfit, but....
He's got a nice pair of melons
Map of Divine Beast Vah Naboris
Link's Memories
First stage of the final boss: Calamity Ganon
Ending: Zelda
Second stage. With the orange shield it is almost indestructible. Returns attacks
Zelda after beating Ganon
Link and Zelda, The End