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Nintendo Life (Aug 16, 2018)
While it’s not going to set your world alight with flashy features or ground-breaking mechanics, we enjoyed our time with Manual Samuel enormously. The joke risks wearing thin, but Sam’s adventure is brief and self-aware enough to hold your interest. Co-op play is surprisingly fun with a willing accomplice and Time Attack offers some longevity, although for most players it’ll be a short ‘one-and-done’ affair. For our money, it’s a pleasant amuse-bouche of a game – a welcome little treat between the larger courses being served up on Switch this summer.
GameSpew (Aug 20, 2018)
Despite this minor inconvenience though, Manual Samuel remains a must-have on Nintendo Switch, especially if you’ve not already played it. From its brilliant visuals to its utterly unique gameplay, there’s little here that disappoints. It’s a game that you’ll return to time and time again just for the sheer hell of it, and sometimes you’ll drag along a friend and have such a stupid time that your jaw will ache from smiling. That’s just the type of game that Manual Samuel is; overwhelmingly silly, but all the better for it.
80 (Aug 30, 2018)
Death is only the beginning in this wildly entertaining and often hilarious adventure game, which shines bright despite a few gameplay flaws.
NintendoWorldReport (Aug 31, 2018)
Given the likely polarizing nature of the game’s controls, Manual Samuel gets a highly conditional recommendation. If you’re willing to roll with the punches, there’s definitely a unique good time to be had here, just be very aware of its intent to make controlling just about anything more challenging than you’d ever imagine.
Nintenderos (Aug 15, 2018)
Manual Samuel peca de ser demasiado corto, apenas unas 2 horas, pero cuenta con un modo contrarreloj que se desbloquea al final de la aventura y un modo cooperativo que nos dará apenas un par de horas más. Su premisa básica de controlar a Sam es muy innovadora y consigue traernos algunas situaciones desternillantes, bien hiladas por su narrador. En cuanto al sonido y los gráficos podríamos decir que cumple, se nota cierta desgana, aunque cumple, al fin y al cabo.
FNintendo (Sep 09, 2018)
Manual Samuel é possivelmente a experiência mais hilariante no vasto catálogo da Nintendo Switch, com um enredo original e carregado de humor que por si só motiva o jogador a continuar a desenvolver tarefas mundanas no papel de Sam com recurso a minijogos demasiado simples e desinspirados. Com uma longevidade inferior a duas horas e um custo demasiado inflacionado para a quantidade de conteúdo que apresenta, torna difícil de aconselhar, ficando quiçá pendente de uma acção promocional.
Cubed3 (Dec 24, 2018)
Manual Samuel is a unique little adventure with some good moments and a bizarre (to its benefit) control scheme. It's notably short, and some levels do lean on the repetitive side, but it's rare to see something quite like this. It has a lot of soul to it, much of which is due to focusing so heavily on comedy. It's enjoyable overall and is worth looking into if you don't mind playing something a bit different than usual, even if it could have been executed better.
Switch Player (Sep 15, 2018)
Manual Samuel is a fun but irritating experience, and that’s the point. A patience test that literally makes it difficult to put one foot in front of the other, its charming cartoon graphics and hilarious narrator contrast nicely with the gameplay, and it changes things up just enough to keep you entertained to the end.
I would recommend this game for couples who want something quick and unique to play through — so long as their relationship could survive the unavoidable screaming matches when someone can’t keep their shit together — or for anyone looking to try something new in between bigger game investments. Manual Samuel will not be the pride and glory of anyone’s game collection, but it will be an entertaining and hilarious way to pass time nonetheless.
IGN España (Aug 31, 2018)
El juego es muy divertido, se le coge cariño tan rápido como lo odias por la frustración que trae consigo. Es una experiencia corta, demasiado. Y puede que el hecho de que llegue a su fin tan pronto haga que te sepa a poco. Podrás jugarlo de nuevo en modo contrarreloj, pero es que lo que realmente molaría es que hubiese más que contar en la vida de este pobre desgraciado. Esperemos que llegue pronto a firmar otro trato con la muerte para ver qué más puede pasarle.