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StopGame (Sep 10, 2017)
Сложно поверить, но первый топовый эксклюзив для Switch сделала сторонняя студия. Mario + Rabbids сочетает в себе всё лучшее, что есть у AAA-проектов «Большой N», а также тактическую часть, которая порадует как новичков, так и ветеранов пошаговых сражений. Здешние проблемы так же несерьёзны, как сами кролеги, а потому я с чистой совестью рекомендую вам полюбить запах напалма поутру, даже если вы никогда не притрагивались к играм этого жанра.
Girl Gamers UK (Sep 05, 2017)
I love Mario, and I love Rabbids. But I have to admit that expectations were not high for this title. As it turns out, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is one of the best games I have played this year, across all of the platforms. It is surprisingly deep, there is plenty of challenge, and it is so funny. If you own a Switch and enjoy the idea of tactical battles in the Mushroom Kingdom, this is an essential purchase. Even if you have never played a tactical game in your life, pick up Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle anyway, as there is so much here to enjoy. Excellent!
Way Too Many Games (Sep 04, 2017)
I fully recommend Mario + Rabbids if you own a Switch. Never thought I’d actually say that, but this is one of the most original and funny Mario games in years, a very decent beginner-friendly entry into the tactics genre. This game is proof that, sometimes, being completely crazy pays off. Nintendo, please, Rabbid Peach for Smash.
Nintendo Life (Aug 28, 2017)
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a must have for Switch-owning fans of turn-based tactical games. More importantly, such is the style and depth on offer that it's also ideal for those that haven't played much of the genre, for whom 'X-COM' sounds like a silly acronym from a war movie. It introduces the concept in the best possible way, and then utilises its own ideas for what becomes a smart and - at times - deliciously challenging experience.

It's perfectly acceptable to be surprised by Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, as many have been since its E3 reveal. The end result delivers on all of the potential that we could suddenly see back in June; even if you don't actually like the Rabbids, this game - and its familiar Mario cast and setting - is so good that Ubisoft's mascots are likeable. Well, almost.
90 (Aug 28, 2017)
Sprekkeferdig av kreativitet og skaparglede.
Gadgets360 (Sep 07, 2017)
All in all, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a fantastic addition to the Switch line-up, and it’s also a great strategy game that brings fresh ideas to the genre.
88 (Aug 30, 2017)
Gratulation an Ubisoft: Das bizarre taktische Experiment rund um Mario und die Randale-Karnickel ist nicht nur gelungen, sondern entfaltet dank wahnwitziger Kettenreaktionen einen gewaltigen Suchtfaktor. Vermutlich werde ich mich auch in den kommenden Tagen nur schwer losreißen können. Die Entwickler haben das Genre clever mit eigenen Ideen angereichert und das Ganze erstaunlich gut umgesetzt, auch wenn man Versus- sowie Online-Matches schmerzlich vermisst und der Schwierigkeitsgrad für Taktikfüchse vielleicht etwas zu handzahm ist. Aber es gibt stetig wachsende Kombos, anspruchsvolle Bosskämpfe und eine entspannende Oberwelt-Erforschung mit eingestreuten Schieberätseln. Überrascht hat mich auch, wie viel Spaß ich in den zusätzlichen Koop-Kampagnen daran hatte, mich ausgiebig mit einem Kollegen abzusprechen. Beim Austüfteln des besten Weges kommt regelrecht Brettspielstimmung auf!
MAN!AC (Oct 01, 2017)
Toll präsentiertes und hervorragend durchdachtes Strategiespiel mit viel Humor, intelligent designten Szenarien und Langzeitmotivation.
Ausgezeichnetes Mario-Rabbids-Crossover mit wunderschönen Welten, tiefem Charaktersystem und strategischen Kämpfen. Ein Switch-Pflichttitel.
Videogameszone (Sep 01, 2017)
Mit den Rabbids konnte ich bisher nicht so viel anfangen, doch als großer Fan von Strategiespielen und Mario-Titeln, war Kingdom Battle seit der Ankündigung auf meinem Wunschzettel. Und trotz der Vorfreude hat es dieser schräge Mix tatsächlich geschafft, mich nochmals positiv zu überraschen. Kingdom Battle ist charmant, detailverliebt, witzig, richtig schick und vor allem haben es die Entwickler geschafft, die Taktik-Kämpfe sowohl einsteigerfreundlich als auch vielseitig und taktisch fordernd zu gestalten. Selbst Splatoon 2 habe ich einige Tage lang für diesen fantastischen Taktik-Spaß links liegen lassen, so sehr hat es mich gefesselt!
85 (Sep 07, 2017)
Overall, Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle is not as in depth as other tactical RPGs, but offers a good challenge with a lighthearted atmosphere. While it may be an odd Mario entry, it’s definitely one that shouldn’t be overlooked.
85 (Aug 28, 2017)
Mario + The Lapins Crétins Kingdom Battle est une vraie réussite qui parlera à un spectre de joueurs extrêmement vaste de par son accessibilité, son contenu et sa réalisation. A l’image de la console qui l’héberge, il réussit l’exploit de s’adapter parfaitement aux différents profils et aux différentes situations de jeu. Et si la copie n’est pas parfaite pour autant, elle laisse un très agréable souvenir aux joueurs, qui verront ici une excellente transposition de l’univers Mario dans un tactical pertinent et bien pensé, mais aussi un très bon retour des Lapins Cretins qui signent ici leur meilleure prestation.
Switch Player (Sep 04, 2017)
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a mashup that shouldn't work, but does! Taking Nintendo's beloved mascot and combining him with their own, love them or hate them Rabbids - Ubisoft has made a Mario game that feels every bit a Nintendo first party title. Aside from some odd difficulty spikes and a lack of replayability, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a fantastic turn-based strategy title that both newcomers and fans of the genre should definitely experience!
IGN (Aug 28, 2017)
Based on its colorful world, beautiful animation, and source material you might expect Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle to be “My first turn-based tactics game.” But you’re in for a surprise: even for XCOM vets some of its battles are challenging puzzles. Some of its tougher levels do devolve into a trial-and-error slog, but a good mix of enemies, objectives, and character abilities keep things interesting.
Giant Bomb (Nov 13, 2017)
This rollercoaster ride of a turn-based strategy game starts out almost impossibly strong, but by the end I mostly wished it'd been over three hours earlier.
Can't Stop the Movies (Oct 09, 2017)
All those explanations for Kingdom Battle's success can be boiled down to one simple comparison. Kingdom Battle has the same deceptively simple structure that keeps Checkers in our collective board game repertoire. A clear layout, easy-to-understand rules, and compelling aesthetic get you started. Toss in some platforming awareness, a team that links together lives together, an incremental power creep that builds on all that came before, and you've got a game that - when finished - you'll wish you could start again with fresh eyes. Kingdom Battle is one hell of a surprise, and one that shows platforming has applications well beyond its horizontal predecessors.