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The Loot Gaming (Jul 03, 2018)
Mario Tennis Aces is a good game that does a lot well. The game is beautiful and runs great and the sound design is implemented spectacularly. Online is a pleasure that runs smooth and is adrenaline fueling and the single player content is satisfying. Nintendo once again proves that its first party games are some of the best in gaming, regardless of what genre they choose to explore or tackle. Where this game soars is in the gameplay. A lot of complexity has been added to the gameplay that results in a more dynamic and fluid experience, but they’ve also made it accessible to newcomers of the franchise. Swing Mode proves that Nintendo is the undisputed king of motion controls as they worked beautifully for me. Mario Tennis Aces is a must own for Switch owners because it is a ton of fun to play. I have sunk more time in this game than I care to admit.
Gaming Age (Jul 20, 2018)
I think the reason that Mario Tennis feels like it’s been out of the picture is because Nintendo hadn’t tried to seriously get it online and into the modern era. It seems like this time the game feels fully online with no gameplay issues that I found. It also helps that Aces has the best gameplay of the series so far and if you like party sports games, you really can’t go wrong with this one. The court variety, character selection, and ability to go online with multiple players on one console make Mario Tennis Aces out to be a game with lasting value. If you’ve been waiting for a series return to form well here it is.
80 (Jul 04, 2018)
Et overraskende dypt og avhengighetsskapene actionsportsspill.
GamesRadar (Jun, 2018)
A bizarre coming together of Smash Bros. and Mario Tennis that strangely works, even if the Adventure mode occasionally frustrates.
Niche Gamer (Jul 03, 2018)
If you’re looking for a satisfying single player game that will keep you busy for awhile or for something to do on long trips or commutes, it is probably safe to skip this one for now until you can find it a bit cheaper or second hand. It’s by no means bad, it’s just focused more on the multiplayer component – which is what most people looking at this game are hoping to use it for.
Game Revolution (Jun 27, 2018)
I would have liked to have seen a more smooth difficulty ramp in the Adventure Mode, and more options when it comes to multiplayer matches. However, those are things that can be fixed with patches, and fundamentally Mario Aces Tennis gets things right much more often than it gets them wrong.
Nintendo Life (Jun 20, 2018)
We’re used to seeing Wii U games transfer to Switch, but for Ultra Smash to have moved across without a substantial makeover would have been disastrous. Aces, wonderfully, is anything but that – it’s a superb arcade sports game that’s generous with its suite of player options and only occasionally guilty of being a little cheap in its Adventure Mode. The presentation is spot on, and the core tennis action is absorbing whether you’re trading simple strokes or firing off special shots. Some animations and voice overs are identical to Ultra Smash’s, but everything around them has been overhauled to quite splendid heights. This is something of a Switch Port Plus, then – not quite a whole new experience, but so improved as to be near unrecognisable next to its preceding title.
78 (Jun 21, 2018)
Der Arcade-Mix aus klassischen Schlägen und Spezialtechniken ist einfach genug für Einsteiger, bietet Könnern aber genügend Potenzial für verbissene, lange Ballwechsel. Mit echtem Tennis hat das bunte Gewusel nur wenig zu tun, dafür umso mehr mit viel Abwechslung und angenehm albernen Störfaktoren wie Schiffsmasten oder ballfressenden Pflanzen mitten auf dem Netz. In Sachen Umfang und Modi-Vielfalt schneidet das Spiel deutlich besser ab als sein viel zu sparsamer Vorgänger; ideal wirkt das Angebot aber auch diesmal nicht. Der kurze aber ungewöhnliche Story-Modus mit Bossen ist durchaus unterhaltsam und zwingt den Spieler zum Erlernen wichtiger Aktionen. Doch bei der Internet-Anbindung hinkt Nintendo der Sportspiel-Konkurrenz nach wie vor weit hinterher: Es mangelt nicht nur an grundlegenden Optionen wie einer Regionswahl oder wenigstens einfachen Chat-Symbolen, sondern auch an einem motivierenden Rangsystem.
Video Chums (Jun 22, 2018)
Mario Tennis Aces retains the enjoyable core gameplay of the series while ushering in plenty of fresh and exciting mechanics. It could definitely use more content outside its cool Adventure mode but what's here is still a racket-smashing good time.
75 (Jul 28, 2018)
Overall, Mario Tennis Aces does a good job with its Online Mode, and Adventure Mode ends up being a good starting point for the title. If Camelot does some updating on changing options and giving gamers more freedom, this could give the game a lot more life in the future. For now, get ready for a weekend of fun, unless you have a friend that’s into tennis.
75 (Jun 26, 2018)
Porté par un gameplay inventif et fouillé qui s’avère plutôt bien équilibré, Mario Tennis Aces n’aurait besoin que de quelques correctifs afin de s’avérer absolument impeccable sur ce point. Nous regretterons tout de même que le mode aventure soit si court et mal équilibré en terme de difficulté, car il propose à côté de ça un mélange de mécaniques de tennis et de mini-jeux/boss plutôt réussi. Un brin léger sur sa partie solo, le titre peut toutefois compter sur ses mécaniques de jeux techniques et complètes pour nous donner envie de prolonger le plaisir dans des tournois en ligne.
Way Too Many Games (Jul 01, 2018)
Mario Tennis Aces is excellent in some aspects and a complete failure in other aspects. Its gameplay is amazing. It might actually be the best gameplay ever put into a tennis game… if you take the whole star shot and blocking gimmicks out of the equation. The adventure mode was too focused on boring and poorly explained puzzles as well. Mario Tennis Aces is still a good game without a doubt, but it could have been the best Mario Tennis game since the Gamecube days, if Nintendo hadn’t decided to be Nintendo and shove unnecessary gimmicks into one of its games.
60 (Jun 20, 2018)
Wo soll man nur bei „Mario Tennis Aces“ anfangen? Das Fun-Tennis-Gameplay ist tadellos umgesetzt und das Beste, was man in der Reihe je geboten bekommen hat. Auch die knapp vierstündige Geschichte macht trotz dem immer gleichen Ablauf aufgrund des Gameplays Spaß. Darüber hinaus bietet das Spiel aber keinerlei Inhalte, viele Optionen fehlen völlig, um den Mehrspieler auf Dauer interessant zu machen, und die monatliche Freischalt-Politik über Online-Turniere oder nach einer bestimmten Zeit, ist nicht motivierend. Wer „Mario Tennis Aces“ nur Online oder im Mehrspieler für zwischendurch spielen will, der wird gut bedient, alle anderen sollten doch lieber einen Bogen um das Grün machen.
The Video Game Critic (Jul 12, 2018)
Aces is less about playing tennis and more trying to figure out what crazy shot you can pull out of your ass. And do we really need to view an automatic replay after every point? When you're not skipping replays you're mashing buttons to page through the pointless dialog. Why does a tennis game need so much dialog? Most Nintendo sports titles lean toward the arcade end of the spectrum, but Mario Tennis Aces went completely off the deep end.