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Nintendo Life (Apr 08, 2021)
PAC-MAN 99 may seem initially daunting with mechanics it simply doesn't explain but once you experiment and learn by fire, it won't take long to realise its true potential. Arika and Bandai Namco have barely touched the formula of this 41-year-old classic, and yet with just a few new layers it feels like a brand new game. We've invested more time than we care to admit into the previous '99' entries and it's clear PAC-MAN 99 is destined for evergreen greatness.
Retro Gamer (May 13, 2021)
It's a little convoluted at first, but when Pac-Man 99 clicks it's as good as Tetris 99 and becomes incredibly hard to put down.
Video Chums (Apr 08, 2021)
Pac-Man 99 is not only an excellent battle royale game; it's also a lovely homage to all things Namco with tons of charming themes to play with. Throw in some clever single player challenge modes and you're left with one impressive package.
Though what Bandai Namco’s mascot may in fact hold an advantage in is the more convincing argument that, indeed, any one of the 99 players per round can realistically win. It’s that ease of accessibility, whilst still requiring players to step up to the mark so far as crucial decision-making goes, where the “one more round” addiction is sure to take hold. If nothing else, Pac-Man 99 does it best at providing that novel facade of still being a single-player, score-racking iteration…stretched out across a broader, multiplayer canvas. Most, if not all, of the timeless joys of the original Pac-Man are here to indulge in and frustrate one’s self over in equal parts. And with a slew of new mechanics and strategic forks in the road thrown into the mix, Pac-Man 99 is another resounding success at converting a timeless classic into a stressful-but-exciting multiplayer outing.
Game Informer Magazine (Apr 09, 2021)
A lack of any kind of tutorial is frustrating at first, but once you get the hang of the action, Pac-Man 99 is a fun way to fill lulls in your day.
4Players.de (Apr 15, 2021)
Pac-Man 99 besitzt für einige Runden zwischendurch einen ähnlich hohen Suchtfaktor wie Tetris 99 vom gleichen Entwickler. Wer ohnehin schon das Nintendo-Online-Abo besitzt, kann also nicht allzu viel falsch machen, wenn er Lust auf ein paar hektische Arcade-Schlachten im modernisierten Pac-Man-Stil hat. Wer noch kein Abo besitzt, sollte aber erst abwägen, ob ihm das Gebotene die Gebühr plus ggf. 14,99 bis 29,99 Euro (für DLCs) wert ist. Das minimalistische Drumherum und ein paar ärgerliche Versäumnisse haben mir den Spaß wieder ein wenig verhagelt. Ist wirklich niemandem aufgefallen, wie nervig auf Dauer die wenigen Musikstücke und die fehlenden Sound-Optionen werden? Und warum werden die verhältnismäßig anspruchsvollen Regeln fast gar nicht erklärt? Zudem wirkt auch die Präsentation etwas altbacken, vor allem im Vergleich zu Tetris Effect, Pac-Man Championship Edition (2) oder Lumines. Im Kern steckt aber immerhin ein solides Arcade-Gemetzel.
GamesCreed (Apr 20, 2021)
I’m still regularly confounded about what’s happening, and why, yet it’s amazing how the bones of Pac-Man fit so flawlessly into a fight royale experience, with such a lot of thought put into the utilization of intel and fundamental procedure that the ability roof is presently difficult to comprehend.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Apr 28, 2021)
In Pac-Man 99 wordt de Pac-Man formule samengesmolten met Battle Royale. 99 spelers nemen het tegen elkaar op en spelen hun klassieke spelletje Pac-Man op een bekend spelbord, met als grote verschil dat opgegeten spoken als Jammer Pac-Mans naar de vijand worden gestuurd om hen te hinderen. Een leuke variant die gratis is voor Switch Online-leden.

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