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Gameplay (Benelux) (Dec 21, 2018)
Pokémon: Let's Go keert terug naar de basics. Vangen en verzamelen staat hier weer centraal, en zo wordt bewezen dat Pokémon op zijn best is als het allemaal eenvoudiger mag.
4Players.de (Nov 16, 2018)
Egal ob Anfänger oder Trainer-Ass: Die Entwickler von GameFreak haben es geschafft, die Edition mit der viele Fans ihre Pokémon-Reise damals begonnen haben, so zu verändern, dass die nostalgische Essenz zwar erhalten bleibt, zahlreiche kreative Neuerungen allerdings für ein frisches Gefühl sorgen. Vor allem durch den teils herausfordernden Anspruch, der mir in jedem der letzten Teile fehlte, hatte ich einen Riesenspaß mit Pokemon: Pikachu Let's Go! Neben dem Leveln über Kämpfe stellt das Fangen von Pokémon eine schöne Abwechslung dar. Besonders gelungen ist hier, dass auch die Spielwelt einen immer wieder motiviert und dafür belohnt, möglichst viele verschiedene Pokémon zu jagen - etwas, das ich bisher nicht als besonders anstrebenswert empfand.
Retro Gamer (Dec 27, 2018)
The game is a beautiful re-imagining of Kanto. Watching wild Pokémon roam the overworld around you, listening to the re-orchestrated soundtrack and interacting with your eponymous buddy (in a dapper waistcoat and shades if you wish) is a joy. There's plenty here for new players and veteran fans alike.
IGN (Nov 12, 2018)
Returning to Kanto in Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! or Eevee! is almost as much fun and as heartwarming as I’d hoped it would be with its fresh, colorful design and new mechanics. Pikachu and Eevee are adorable, overpowered leads with the capability to learn some incredible moves, and they feel special both in and out of battle. The Pokemon Go catching system is a more relaxing way to fill out the Pokedex and grind for experience, and I never felt like I was missing out on battles because of it. Kanto is littered with charismatic trainers ready to fight. Some irritating UI design and issues with its motion controls add up to be a minor annoyance, but the addicting capture cycle and great challenges in the post-game keep me coming back to play.
Link Cable Gaming (Nov 21, 2018)
“…I can safely say that this is a good addition to the overall Pokémon franchise”
USgamer (Nov 15, 2018)
Pokemon Let's Go is engineered to let youngsters play along with their parents, but there's a lot here for veterans to enjoy, too. It's relentlessly cute and colorful, and while the challenge level won't blister your skin, the new Coach Trainers will keep you hopping. We're still not sure about the Go-style method of catching wild Pokemon, but Pokemon Let's Go's ability to link-up to Niantic's app offers a quick and easy way to fill out your PokeDex. Game Freak is clearly getting the hang of the Switch, so bring on Gen VIII!
RPG Site (Nov 27, 2018)
Pokemon Let's Go might not be what I wanted next from the series, but I can't say I was left disappointed with it. Gamefreak's latest adventure manages to cut a lot of the franchise's fat while injecting something new into the formula. While I definitely don't want to see everything it changes brought over to Generation VIII, Let's Go acts as a refreshing change of pace for bother newcomers and longtime fans of the series.
Meristation (Nov 13, 2018)
Duele que desaparezcan la crianza, habilidades y objetos; que se hayan simplificado algunas cosas en demasía. Sin embargo, al final ha resultado ser un acierto limitar los encuentros contra Pokémon salvajes a merced de la voluntad del jugador, el nuevo sistema de captura donde somos parte activa y que, sobre todo, se sigan sintiendo como un verdadero videojuego. Lo que sí son, ante todo, es una pareja de cartuchos idónea como puerta de entrada a la franquicia, tanto por el método como por la forma; obras deliberadamente calculadas para encandilar al fan por su apartado artístico y sonoro, por servir la nostalgia en plato caliente, pero también por cómo lo presenta. Ese lenguaje Pokémon sigue ahí, esta vez desmarcado de lo tradicional, pero siendo sincero con el usuario: esto es una vía paralela de entender la franquicia principal y, posiblemente, no sea la última vez que la veamos. Let’s Go puede llegar para quedarse.
Jeuxvideo.com (Nov 12, 2018)
Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu et Evoli réussissent à concilier la structure d’un épisode classique avec des éléments de gameplay renouvelés. Ces deux nouveaux opus ne sont toutefois pas exempts de tous reproches, en témoignent les affrontements contre les experts, un brin exigeants en terme de grind, le retrait de quelques fonctionnalités qui n’auraient pourtant en rien empêché le titre d’être accessible, ainsi que la sensation de retrouver une aventure sans nouveauté narrative majeure. Malgré ces quelques défauts, la plupart des changements opérés font mouche, qu’il s’agisse de la capture qui permet d’offrir une mécanique de jeu différente de celle des combats, ou la disparition des CS héritée des épisodes Soleil et Lune. Si vous êtes un habitué de la série en attente de nouveautés, Let’s Go Pikachu et Evoli n’est peut-être pas fait pour vous.
Edge (Jan, 2019)
Its cooperative rather than competitive focus certainly won't be to all tastes, and though some streamlining is sensible - there's no need to trek to a Pokémon centre to switch up your party - it isn't one for the min-maxers and stat-tweakers. But as a first adventure for beginners, young or old, this gets a lot right. No alarms then, but a fair few surprises.
Gamer.no (Dec 06, 2018)
Koselig og nostalgisk rollespillmoro, men spillet har svakheter som ikke kan ignoreres.
Attack of the Fanboy (Nov 19, 2018)
Pokemon Let’s Go takes some of the core premises of the Pokemon series and distills it down into a Pokemon-Lite experience. While this methodology may be OK for a mobile game because the target audience is much wider, those who choose to go a little deeper into gaming and buy a console dedicated for it expect a little bit more. Let’s Go is surprisingly shallow when compared to just about any Pokemon game, despite an appealing presentation that returns players to a popular location.

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