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Trusted Reviews (Nov 14, 2017)
While it’s reminiscent of Journey, The Wind Waker and Ico, RiME is so much more than a grab-bag of borrowed ideas. Combining art, craftsmanship, enigmatic storytelling and engaging gameplay, it does what the likes of Bound and ABZU couldn’t: wrap a powerful experience inside a compelling game. I’m still working out whether RiME is a masterpiece and, if so, where it sits in the pantheon of greats – but one thing’s for sure: if you love the games it’s inspired by, you’re going to love RiME as well.
Meristation (Feb 22, 2018)
En definitiva, RiME como proyecto multiplataforma parece haberse llevado la peor parte del ambicioso (y accidentado) proceso de desarrollo de uno de los videojuegos españoles más destacados de los últimos tiempos. Rozando el sobresaliente en su versión para PS4, Xbox One y PC, la conversión para Switch realizada por Tantalus mantiene algunos de los valores intactos; a saber, una historia sencilla pero emocionante, una narrativa integrada en la experiencia jugable con clara intención emocional, y una aventura donde la exploración de los entornos en busca de coleccionables y la jugabilidad basada en la sucesión de ingeniosos puzzles dan como resultado unas 8 horas de duración media.
Pocket Gamer UK (Nov 21, 2017)
Rime is a delight to experience. It pulls on the player's heartstrings and offers an otherworldly shot of imagination, and that makes it stand out in the Switch's current line-up.
Darkstation (Dec 08, 2017)
RiME isn't perfect or too original, but it does well to scratch the same emotionally driven story itch that trailblazers like Dear Esther and Journey have pioneered in the past.
80 (Nov 15, 2017)
Tequila Works kommt auch auf Switch nicht mit der Unreal Engine klar. Und das, obwohl die Landschaft hier deutlich weniger bewegt ist, obwohl Partikel- und Lichteffekte reduziert wurden: Wie schon auf PC, PS4 und One kommt es zu permanenten Problemen mit der Bildrate. Trotzdem kann RiME auch auf Nintendos Konsole ein überaus stimmungsvolles Abenteuer inszenieren, in dem Erkundung, Akrobatik sowie Rätsel angenehm ineinander fließen. (...) Das mysteriöse Flair sowie das reduzierte Storytelling wecken umgehend Erinnerungen an Journey sowie ICO, auch wenn die Kulisse auf Switch nicht mehr so zauberhaft, im Handheld-Modus sogar verwaschen wirkt. Die Spanier haben aber nicht einfach kopiert, sondern wurden zu einer kreativen Idee inspiriert, zumal die Regie sehr gekonnt für dramaturgische Wechsel hin zu Bedrohung sorgt.
75 (Dec 03, 2017)
Eigentlich ist „Rime“ ein fantastisches Indie-Abenteuer, das wirklich verzaubern kann. Die cleveren Rätsel, die arkane Kulisse und die durchaus persönliche und nahbare Geschichte machen es zu einem spirituellen Erben von Klassikern wie „Ico“ oder „Journey“. Und auf Playstation 4, Xbox One und PC ist es auch ein traumhaftes Erlebnis, das für rund acht Stunden fesselt. Aber mit der Switch-Fassung macht der Exkurs auf das mediterrane Eiland leider keinen Spass. Solltet ihr die Wahl haben, empfehlen wir, das Game für eine andere Plattform zu kaufen. Oder wartet noch ab, ob die Entwickler die derzeitigen Probleme mit der Switch-Version in den Griff bekommen.
Worth Playing (Dec 06, 2017)
Had it run better, Rime would've been an easy recommendation. Its story offers a tantalizing look into a beautifully realized and poetically orchestrated world of magic, love and loss. Its gameplay, while simple, offers satisfying puzzles that guide the action in meaningful ways. However, severe frame rate drops and unbearable resolution compromises hold back the final product from the greatness it deserves. While there is enough good here to overshadow the optimization problems on display, avoid the Switch port of Rime unless you have no better option.
While it’s an indie game with issues that stem from a lower-than-average budget for its size and the bugs that come with it, RiME still captures emotion and beauty as it tells a heartwarming story. The bugs can be frustrating at times, but aren’t reason enough not to play it. Rime will run you $39.99 and takes about six to 10 hours to complete. In the same vein as Journey, RiME is a capable entry into the ranks of these emotional and heartfelt types of games.
Girl Gamers UK (Dec 12, 2017)
Tequila Works’ emotional puzzle adventure brings feeling to the Nintendo Switch. A stunning looking game, Rime also packs in equally impressive story telling, soundwork and puzzle solving. While not suitable in handheld mode, and still having some performance issues in docked mode, Rime manages to be a heartfelt, engrossing journey that is very easy to enjoy.
Vandal Online (Nov 23, 2017)
Es una pena que después de tantos meses de espera no os podamos recomendar esta versión de RiME, y si disponéis de cualquiera de las otras plataformas donde está disponible, os recomendamos que lo juguéis allí, ya que la portabilidad de Switch no compensa los problemas técnicos de esta versión.
Vooks (Nov 27, 2017)
Overall, RiME is a delicately-constructed experience sprinkled with beautiful moments, on the proviso you play the game exclusively docked to the TV. However, you should consider playing RiME on another platform to avoid the myriad technical and visual issues that come with the Switch port.
Switch Player (Nov 13, 2017)
Rime is one of those games that has all the potential to be one of the all-time greats, but falls short at the last hurdle. Choppy framerate and poor visuals in handheld mode hold it back from being a day one recommendation, but it's also an adventure that, one day - despite the flaws - you'll be glad to take.
Nintendo Life (Nov 13, 2017)
RiME on Switch is a disappointing experience, despite the obvious quality of the game itself. As a puzzle-led adventure RiME is enjoyable, atmospheric and at times deeply moving; all of these qualities are undone by spotty performance, low resolution visuals and a frame rate which sputters along like a battered car engine. When played docked things are just about passable, but in handheld mode the game's technical problems sap away the satisfaction of playing it. If you have any other means of accessing the game on other systems then you should pick those over this port; while enough of RiME's magic remains on show, the Switch version of the game is almost crippled by technical problems which unfortunately rob this captivating quest of its lustre.
Die märchenhaft schöne Atmosphäre wird immer wieder von starken technischen Problemen zerstört. Rime ist auf der Switch kein Gedicht.
God is a Geek (Nov 13, 2017)
Rime is an excellent game, but the Switch version is not worth getting in its current state. There are sections where the game froze for a second or two in the middle of platforming jumps that caused me to fall off and three instances of getting stuck in the water or behind a stone forcing me to reload the previous checkpoint. I love playing everything on portable as you probably already know, but you’re better off not ruining a lovely game by playing a bad port of it with lots of issues. It is especially disappointing considering other platforms got the game in May, and Switch owners will have waited 6 months for a poor experience.
RiME resta un gioco bellissimo, ma la conversione per Switch è tremenda e rischia seriamente di rovinarvi un’esperienza altrimenti splendida. A mio modo di vedere, si può passare serenamente sulla riduzione della risoluzione, e volendo anche sul dettaglio grafico inferiore, ma la palette cromatica sbiadita e impastata, il continuo pop-in, l’aliasing e il frame rate instabile rappresentano motivi sufficienti per scoraggiare anche il più poetico e sensibile dei giocatori.
35 (Nov 22, 2017)
Malgré ses nombreuses qualités et son statut d'excellent jeu, Rime ne parvient jamais à s'illustrer sur Nintendo Switch, la faute à un portage complètement loupé. Outre une faible définition qui rend le jeu flou en mode portable, des ralentissements indécents viennent s'ajouter à une fluidité peinant déjà à dépasser la vingtaine d'images par seconde. Si quelques défauts techniques ne peuvent complètement occulter un bon jeu, ceux de cette édition Switch de Rime s'avèrent bien trop importants pour passer outre : pour profiter réellement du titre, il faudra donc impérativement se le procurer sur une autre machine ou le cas échéant, faire le deuil d'une version techniquement à la ramasse pour vous permettre d'apprécier Rime à sa juste valeur. Dommage.