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Nintendo Insider (Nov 17, 2017)
To say that I enjoyed RIVE: Ultimate Edition is a bit of an understatement. I absolutely loved this game. It may prove a bit too difficult for some, but, as a bit of a glutton for punishment who grew up with 80s and 90s gaming, I must say that this was right up my street. The action is fluid, the platforming is tight, and the graphics are crisp and clean. If you are in need of a good pliable arcade action-platformer with tense boss fights that makes the most out of the Joy-Con’s HD rumble feature, then you can’t really go wrong with RIVE: Ultimate Edition. It’s a train hacking, tin-bashing good time.
Worth Playing (Jan 02, 2018)
Rive: Ultimate Edition is a fantastic addition to any action-loving Switch owner's library. The action is almost non-stop, and the difficulty feels well-balanced between putting you at the edge of death while still giving you the means to overcome it. The game length feels just right thanks to this challenge, and the many different modes amplify the high score chase that becomes the impetus to keep playing. For a studio's final game, this is the best possible way to leave a lasting impression.
FNintendo (Jan 28, 2018)
Com um grafismo e animações incrivelmente fluidas e uma jogabilidade muito polida e desafiante, RIVE é um jogo merecedor de grande destaque e deve ser jogado por todos que se sintam atraídos pelo género.
Nintendo Life (Nov 22, 2017)
All told, RIVE is a fantastic addition to the Switch eShop and stands as an amazing twin-stick shooter. Incredible presentation, tight gameplay, high difficulty, and lots of replayability combine for an unforgettable experience that we would highly recommend you check out. Two Tribes has outdone itself with its final game and although the company will be sadly missed, it couldn’t have gone out with more of a bang.
3D Juegos (Nov 18, 2017)
RIVE es la mejor carta de despedida que podía brindar el equipo de Two Tribes. Es su último videojuego como desarrolladora pero ¡qué bueno es! Gracias a una admirable capacidad para reinventar su acción de forma constante, este título de disparos y plataformas en 2D sabe cómo sorprenderte una y otra vez con locos desafíos con los que es difícil no emocionarse. Hay mucha épica en los intensos y brutales tiroteos en los que nos embarca este videojuego que merece la pena probar.
GameSpot (Nov 27, 2017)
After a few additional hours of testing, GameSpot has updated the score to reflect the Switch version of Rive: Ultimate Edition. The new version of the game includes additional score-based modes, performance optimization, and a co-pilot mode where two players can individually control the tank's movement and attacks.
NintendoWorldReport (Nov 20, 2017)
Throughout the game the protagonist is always saying one liners and some of them are pretty funny, especially the jokes that broke the 4th wall. Sadly they went back to the well far too often which left a sour taste in my mouth. After first seeing RIVE was a combination of both a platformer and a shoot-em-up, I was cautiously enthused. Often when a game tries to do too many things it can result in it not doing any one particular thing great. Fortunately my worries were put to rest as Two Tribes delivers a game that does exactly what it set out to do, blending two styles of play exceptionally well. This devilishly challenging game dishes up intense moments among a sea of bullets that will test the mettle of even the most seasoned players and that’s all before even scratching the hard difficulty setting. There are instances where spikes in the difficulty can be a little off putting, but the package as a whole makes it easily worth a little headache here and there.
The game moves at a solid 60FPS at all times, the backgrounds and settings all look fantastic, and anything that gets shot goes down hard. Rive: Ulimate Edition has a few extra bits for the Switch, such as co-op where two players can use a Joy-Con apiece to work together controlling the tank, one on shooting and the other on movement, and it loads faster and has a few tweaks to the levels, but other than that it’s the same great shooter that came out on the other consoles and PC last year. It was a lot of fun then and it’s a perfect match with the Switch, letting you get in a bite-sized round of shooting or going for a multi-hour play session depending on available time. That’s what classic action shooters do best, and despite the occasional misfired encounter, Rive pulls it off with style and an ending that leaves the player hoping that, just maybe, there might somehow end up being a Rive 2 after all.
Switch Player (Nov 17, 2017)
Fans of twin-stick shooters will find a great deal to love with Rime: Ultimate Edition thanks to its solid mechanics and fun platform sections. Its difficulty skirts on the edge of sadism, but persevere and you'll keep coming back for more.
Vooks (Dec 28, 2017)
If you’re a sucker for side-scrolling shooters with a penchant for a difficulty level that fluctuates between clever and fun to sadistically relying on twitch control and memorisation, Rive: Ultimate Edition might be a game to keep you busy for the 6-8 hours it provides.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Jan, 2018)
Speelt erg lekker en vlot op de Switch en heeft in de Ultimate Edition troeven als extra achievements, ondersteuning voor HD en de mogelijkheid om in co-op te spelen waarbij je de spider tank met twee spelers bestuurt. Awesome!