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ScreenRant (Apr 06, 2021)
The main takeaway from Star Wars: Republic Commando's rerelease is that this game is a great addition to Switch in spite of its flaws. Even players who don't consider themselves Star Wars fans will find a lot to like in this sci-fi war story. The squad gameplay was ahead of its time and still excels today alongside the excellent AI. The most obvious element that's aged about this game is its graphics, and that annoyance fades quickly once the lasers start flying. Republic Commando was one of the best Star Wars games of its time when it arrived in 2005, and despite over 16 years passing since then, it remains a captivating and engaging title in 2021.
Even though its age might be starting to show, Republic Commando still remains a blast to play through 16 years on from release. It's squad-based combat requires you to be strategic and really plan out your actions, and there's a great variety of different weapons present. That said, the AI isn't the most intelligent without instruction and some might feel disappointed that the online modes present within its original release are now absent. Hopefully this port can act as a catalyst to help more classic Star Wars titles like Bounty Hunter and the original Battlefront reach modern day platforms.
Nintendo Life (Apr 06, 2021)
Star Wars: Republic Commando has aged surprisingly well and proves to be a ton of fun to revisit in this admittedly rather basic Switch port. The squad system here is still supremely satisfying to get to grips with, the HUD elements are slick, and there's plenty of atmospheric fun to be had as you blast your way through the three campaign stories on offer. Yes, there's no doubt the level design is archaic, there's no great variety in enemies, the visuals have had only the most basic of touch-ups and it's a real shame the multiplayer has been completely excised. Overall, though, this is still a welcome return for one of the very best Star Wars video game offerings.
70 (Apr 11, 2021)
Star Wars: Republic Commando è un gioco vecchio, un porting pressoché identico all'originale, e questo deve essere tenuto a mente nel caso decidiate di acquistarlo. Non aspettatevi alcuna rivoluzione, né un lifting da paura o in generale un FPS che possa reggere il confronto con quelli odierni. Questo tuttavia non ne mina la bellezza di fondo e il genuino divertimento che ancora oggi riesce a offrire: la linearità delle mappe viene mitigata dalla necessità del gioco di squadra, che si rende indispensabile per non sacrificare la vostra squadra nel giro di pochi minuti, l'arsenale resta discreto pur non raggiungendo i livelli odierni e anche la grafica, nel suo essere datata, non è un pugno in un occhio. Ha le sue limitazioni ma crediamo sia un'esperienza meritevole di essere giocata e riscoperta, o scoperta del tutto se non avete mai avuto occasione di giocarlo, a maggior ragione grazie alla portabilità di Nintendo Switch.
Way Too Many Games (Apr 07, 2021)
The Switch port of Republic Commando is easily the worst version I’ve ever played, with subpar visuals and a framerate that makes the OG Xbox version feel like it’s running on an RTX 3080 in comparison. That being said, even an underwhelming build of Republic Commando is still highly enjoyable, being one of the grittiest and most unique Star Wars games ever made. If you just want a way to play this classic on-the-go, then sure, go for it. Just don’t expect to be wowed in any way. If you were looking for a full-fledged remaster, just like what Aspyr did to Episode I: Racer, forget about it. Pick it up on the PS4 instead.
Coming Soon Magazine (Apr 06, 2021)
Whether stemming from my own nostalgia for the title or desire for a return to the classic LucasArts games days, Star Wars: Republic Commando certainly isn’t quite the awe-inspiring title I remember and while its excessive difficulty spikes and mildly finicky controls might not win any newcomers, it’s sure to at least entertain fans desiring to bring this title with them on the go.
GameSpot (Apr 09, 2021)
In the end, Republic Commando Remastered doesn't do anything to drastically change the experience of playing the original game. And to that end, its shortcomings have only become more apparent with time--tactical shooters have evolved to offer more satisfying experiences with choice and consequence--so you likely won't find much replayability here. But it's still entertaining all things considered. If you loved its campaign back then, you'll see that it has aged well in some respects. And if you haven't played Republic Commando before, the remaster's upgraded graphics and modernized control scheme allow you to enjoy a game that's 16 years old. Plus, Vode An, Republic Commando's main theme, is still the most epic piece of original composition made for a Star Wars video game, and that alone deserves to be experienced.
Polygon (Apr 06, 2021)
I happily played Republic Commando on a Switch Lite and enjoyed every minute. It felt great to be back in Delta Squad, especially now that I’m able to take that experience with me.