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Area Jugones (Mar 18, 2017)
Pero en definitiva, Super Bomberman R es justo el juego que necesita Nintendo Switch para su catálogo inicial. Aquello que nos prometía Nintendo del multijugador local donde varios amigos se pueden reunir cada uno con su propia consola o rodeando a un dispositivo, se ha convertido en realidad gracias a Konami. Las partidas rápidas, cortas y fréneticas es su gran aliciente, sobretodo tras el lanzamiento del parche 1.2 que otorga mucha más agilidad a la hora de colocar bombas y del movimiento de nuestro personaje. Super Bomberman R puede ser el perfecto sustituto para los juegos de mesa en las reuniones con amigos.
Video Chums (Mar 03, 2017)
Super Bomberman R is an absolute joy to play with gameplay that's as explosively addictive as ever. Besides a few minor complaints, I couldn't be happier that Bomberman's back in a modern interpretation of the series.
Project COE (Apr 21, 2017)
Super Bomberman R is a game I would recommend to anyone, if it were just a bit cheaper. I know people have discussed this to death by now, but it deserves repeating. The asking price gives people certain expectations, and I’ll admit I was surprised by the amount of content when I played through the game. I kept telling myself, at this price I could have gotten some much meatier experiences, although you’d be hard pressed to find a better party game on the Switch as of right now.
Atomix (Mar 11, 2017)
De cualquier forma es bueno tener a Bomberman de regreso luego de tantos años en un título cuyo multijugador los mantendrá riéndose mucho tiempo. Si no pueden esperar por Mario Kart 8 Deluxe y quieren jugar con muchos amigos, éste es una gran opción.
Way Too Many Games (Apr 14, 2017)
While I do recommend buying the game, especially if you’re a fan of the franchise, I definitely don’t think Super Bomberman R is worth the current asking price of 50 bucks. Definitely check it out, at a good discount, later in the year.
70 (Mar 08, 2017)
Super Bomberman R poteva essere di più, ma poteva anche andare peggio. Detto in tutta onestà, la sensazione è sempre piacevole, anche dopo tanti anni. È che Konami avrebbe potuto mettere più impegno per consegnare uno Story Mode più strutturato e ambizioso. Avrebbe anche potuto arricchire maggiormente la disponibilità di opzioni a disposizione nella creazione delle sessioni multiplayer. Si, poteva fare di più. Però poteva anche essere un prodotto peggiore, meno curato, meno rispettoso dell'eredità e così, per fortuna, non è. Vogliamo pensare che sia un primo ritorno dello storico Bomberman sugli scaffali e che le sue future iterazioni siano sempre giustificate tanto al botteghino quanto tra le mani dei giocatori di una volta. Ci speriamo, dai.
Switch Player (Mar 13, 2017)
It's a welcome return for Bomberman with an unwelcome price, but you will have a lot of fun with the game - especially with others. For me it isn't the best game in the series, but if you've never played it before that won't matter. If you are looking for a party style game or just something different, then Super Bomberman R is worth a look.
65 (Mar 07, 2017)
Malgrado l’indiscutibile appeal del suo comparto multigiocatore, e la generale piacevolezza della - pur breve - modalità Storia, la mole e la qualità dei contenuti offerti da questo Super Bomberman R non ne fanno certo un acquisto imprescindibile. Il titolo di Konami sa come entrare in risonanza con le corde più nostalgiche della fanbase del brand, grazie a una formula semplice e immediata, che non si allontana mai dai canoni stabiliti in oltre un trentennio di storia del brand. In compagnia di qualche amico, Super Bomberman R è perfettamente in grado di dar vita a momenti genuinamente memorabili, ma difficilmente il valore complessivo dell’esperienza si può dire in linea con i 50 euro del prezzo di listino. Per questo ci sentiamo di consigliare l’acquisto del gioco solo ai fan più accaniti dell’iconico personaggio di Hudson Soft.
IGN (Mar 06, 2017)
Super Bomberman R’s multiplayer versatility and boss-filled story mode are laudable retreads of classic gameplay, but its depth and customizability are disappointing. By contrast, the aforementioned Bomberman Live was a brilliant, fully featured Bomberman for Xbox 360 that came out 10 years ago, and it only cost $10. It’s reasonable to expect a bit more from a $50 Bomberman game in 2017.
InsideGamer (Mar 09, 2017)
De campagne is een aardige toevoeging maar frustreert soms en de online multiplayer is in de basis sterk maar mist opties. Het is dus vooral de lokale multiplayer die Super Bomberman R op het nippertje een voldoende oplevert. We kunnen niet ontkennen binnen de kortste keren lachend op de bank onze vrienden uit te hebben gescholden terwijl de bommen ons om de oren vlogen. Het blijkt dan vooral dat een ontwikkelaar nog zo hard zijn best kan doen, maar een ijzersterk spelconcept kan nooit helemaal verpest worden.
Saudi Gamer (Mar 17, 2017)
لعبة ممتعة في طوريها القصة والتنافسي، مع طابع مرح يعيد للذكريات تصاميم التسعينات، ومحتوى لا بأس به لتستمتع به مع أو ضد لاعبين آخرين. التكرار وبساطة الأهداف في طور القصة وعدم تقديم الطور التنافسي لأي جديد يجعلها موجهة لعشاق السلسلة أكثر من اللاعبين الجدد.
TechRaptor (Mar 16, 2017)
Super Bomberman R doesn't reinvent the wheel and might be hard to recommend to most players due to a lack of value. Its greatest strength is in its local multiplayer capabilities, but a combination of finicky controls, a high price tag for the amount of content the game packs, and a mediocre online experience holds back an otherwise fun game.
50 (Mar 02, 2017)
Cette 33ème itération de Bomberman ne restera pas dans les mémoires malgré un R synonyme de Reborn à en croire Konami. Avec sa campagne solo anecdotique et son mode multijoueur pauvre en contenu, Super Bomberman R ne concrétise que partiellement les attentes des fans. Et la réalisation datée du titre, aussi bien technique que visuelle, ne peut sauver ce titre qui aura seulement le mérite de raviver cette nostalgie sommeillant en chacun de nous.
50 (Mar 08, 2017)
Was für eine vertane Chance! Super Bomberman R hätte zu einem echten Kaufargument für die Multiplayer-Möglichkeiten der Switch werden können. Sicher, im Grunde wird das Potenzial gut genutzt: Es gibt von Pro-Controllern über abgezogene Joycons bis hin zu aufgestellten Mini-Bildschirmen viele Kombinationen, am klassischen Gemetzel teilzunehmen. Die spielerische Umsetzung lässt aber stark zu wünschen übrig. Die Steuerung ist schwammig, es mangelt an Extras sowie Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten und im simplen Online-Part muss man sogar mit häufigen Lags leben. Der traditionell stiefmütterlich behandelte Story-Modus wirkt mit seinen austauschbaren Kulissen und nervigen Zeichentrickfilmchen zudem eher wie ein Lückenfüller. Wer lediglich ein paar nette Mehrspieler-Matches einlegen möchte, wird mit Super Bomberman R ausreichend bedient, in Anbetracht der großartigen Vorgänger wirkt das Gebotene aber ziemlich traurig!
Random Access (Mar 28, 2017)
On this reason alone I outright cannot even recommend Super Bomberman R. I also don't feel like writing anymore. The "League Battle" is absolutely unfair. Besides, there isn't much else to talk about. Expensive customization items, something about fragments or something. Super Bomberman R is sitting there in the chair, mumbling to himself, drunker than the combined members of the Rhode Island state house, wearing his "I'm Actually In My Thirties" Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles T-shirt. He's the uncle you were told to stay away from, because he doesn't shower and the missing Sears catalogue is always found stuffed under his mattress.
The Video Game Critic (May 11, 2017)
Apparently the R in Super Bomberman R stands for "rushed". Konami has patched this game several times since its release, but I'm not letting them off the hook for such a sloppy, disappointing effort.
Digitiser 2000 (Mar 13, 2017)
When it drops to a more reasonable price - as it has inevitably already begun to do, if you care to shop around - then Super Bomberman R will become a worthwhile purchase. At the moment, though, it feels as if it's being asked to step up and be a Triple-A title, when it's just too old-school, too slight and simple (in the best way, admittedly) to shoulder such a responsibility.