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Isla de Monos (Apr 26, 2018)
Thimbleweed Park es una aventura gráfica clásica, sin complicarse en buscar añadidos a una fórmula ya funciona. Han sabido darle una vuelta creando una historia subrealista donde encajan a la perfección todos y cada uno de los personajes. También es verdad que teniendo la mente de Ron Gilbert detrás del proyecto y, apelando a la nostalgia con guiños dentro del juego, estaba claro que este juego tenía todas las papeletas para convertirse en una gran aventura gráfica. Una historia correcta, personajes con perfiles totalmente diferentes y humor bastante absurdo hacen que nuestra travesía por Thimbleweed Park sea una gran experiencia.
Spazio Games (Sep 30, 2017)
Mezzo gradino sotto la versione PC, che continua a farsi preferire in assoluto, e uno sopra quella uscita per PS4 e Xbox One, la versione per Nintendo Switch di Thimbleweed Park sfrutta benissimo le peculiarità della console ibrida della grande N, regalando alla sua utenza una delle più belle avventure grafiche degli ultimi vent'anni. Se non usate giocare su personal computer e potete scegliere tra questa versione ed una qualsiasi delle altre, il nostro consiglio è di non pensarci su due volte: potrete immergervi nel 1987 pensato da Ron Gilbert ed usare le vostre dita come strumenti di investigazione per risolvere uno degli omicidi più strambi della recente storia videoludica.
Digital Chumps (Sep 27, 2017)
By all accounts, Thimbleweed Park on the Switch looks and plays very much like its PC counterpart that I played several months ago. Just as was the case then, this is a must-have for point and click adventure gamers who either don’t have it on PC or prefer to play on Switch.
80 (Oct 22, 2017)
Mit „Thimbleweed Park” beweisen Ron Gilbert und Co. weshalb sie in den 90er Jahren den Adventure-Markt zurecht beherrscht haben. In dem Spiel stecken viel Witz, charmante Figuren und wirklich knackige Rätseln – kurz um all das, was die Adventures der 80er- und 90er-Jahre ausgemacht haben. "Thimbleweed Park" ist bis kleinste Detail als eine Liebeserklärung an eine vergangene Zeit zu verstehen, als das Genre auf seinem Gipfel war. Auch wenn „Thimbleweed Park” sich vor allem an Adventure-Fans der erste Stunde richtet, eignet es sich hervorragend, um eine vergangene Videospielepoche nachträglich kennen zu lernen.
NintendoWorldReport (Sep 21, 2017)
Thimbleweed Park is a wonderful love letter about everything that made 1980s games great. The Switch probably has the best console version due to the touch screen controls, as the physical controls can be a chore if you’re playing on the TV. With such a focus maintained on nostalgia I’m not really sure someone who likes Telltale’s adventure games are going to appreciate Thimbleweed Park. Regardless, there’s enough humor and witty writing to keep gamers of all ages entertained.
Vooks (Sep 28, 2017)
Thimbleweed Park just might be too 1980s for a lot of people, but for anyone else who is willing to play through this tale, you’re in for a hell of a good time. While some of the puzzles will be painful and you’ll slap yourself for not getting them right away, that’s half the fun. A humorous story, great characters and just that good old feel make Thimbleweed Park a treasure worth checking out.
Nintendo Life (Sep 21, 2017)
Point-and-click beginners may struggle with the myriad puzzles Thimbleweed Park lays across its curiosity-piquing plot, but its developers have rightfully made it possible to get ahead even when all you see are dead ends, with the inclusion of the tips line. It means that what would have been an essential only for a very specific audience is, with no explicit fail states, easy for anyone to not just enjoy, but actually finish. And going around for a second time is still a treat, much as Monkey Island et al were, as you can clearly see all the pieces of the grander picture coming together to comprise a fascinating whole, climaxing with one of gaming’s better twists.
Switch Player (Sep 27, 2017)
Thimbleweed Park is a beautifully crafted, if challenging world to explore. The puzzles you face can be daunting at times and may put some people off, but players who are able to be patient (or use the in-game hints when possible) should find it to be an enjoyable ride. Fans of the genre and of the game’s predecessors will no doubt love everything on offer here and, with 20-30 hours worth of content for those willing to fully explore, there is quite a lot to love.

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