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UglyDolls: An Imperfect Adventure Credits

Outright Games

CEOTerry Malham
Director of ProductionKathy A. Bucklin
ProducerKieran Gaynor
Associate ProducerAntonio Trillo
Director of MarketingStephanie Malham
Marketing ManagerMatthew Heritage
PackagingSchlieker Design
Sales DirectorKim Motika (North America)
Sales & Licensing ManagerTerry Malham-Wallis
Chairman of the BoardNick Button-Brown

Womb Music

Casting and Voice DirectionMargaret Tang, Womb Music
Editorial and PostRik Schaffer, Womb Music
Lucky BatKellen Goff

Quantic Lab

Managing DirectorȘtefan Șeicărescu
Executive DirectorMarius Popa
Technical DirectorSzilveszter Pap
Account ManagerAlexandra Nitescu
Project ManagerAttila Újvári, Gizella Varga, Hajnalka-Orsolya Szilagyi, Raluca Maria Fatol
Lead TestersDiana Dullo, Rares Petric, Razvan Mihai Meisaros, Sorin Constantin Iordache
TestersAdalbert Rusu, Adelina Mocean, Alex Pintea, Alexandru Blaga, Andrei Nichita, Bencze Ghirasim, Benno Robert Loch, Cristi Campian, Dragos Adrian Somlea, Gabriel Valentin Hopirtean, Ioanida Pop, Mihai Babu, Oana Andreea Sacalean, Rares Buzgau, Rares Alexandru Todoran, Raul Tegzesiu
HW EngineersCristi Pacurariu, Florin Pacurariu, Aurelian Rau, Paul Colceriu, Szabo Levente, Remus Timofi

Quantic Lab — Localization/Translation

Project ManagerNorbert Miklos Normac, Vlad Andrei Jurca
LQA Lead TestersAlberto Fernandez de Agirre
LQA Testers/TranslatorsAndrea Pezzillo, Arthur Sahakian, Charlotte Sahakian, Chiara Di Modica, Ioana-Flavia Bud, Maria Horga, Martín Damiano Alcorta, Pascal Grandpierre, Patrick Marek Targónski, Pedro Luis Ribeiro Menk Nicoletti, Lilla Soó-Lőrinczi


MusicMark Rutherford
KeyboardsJason Billingham
Additional Music and EngineeringAaron Rutherford
Special ThanksOliver Byrne, Lindsay Dickson, Matthew Ellcome, Casey Kwock, Janet Lauterjung, Beny Levy, Courtney Beth Lipsham, Lorette Parry, Cheyenne Shotton, Ben Stevens, D44, James Thompson, Jon Venencia, Henry Wrigley, Atomhawk
WhiteSpaceLisa Linnenkohl, Jennifer Sandberg, Stephanie Sperber, Amy Taylor
Small Impact GamesMitchell Small, Cameron Small, James Rowbotham, John Carney
Well Played GamesArnold, Adam Chilton, Adam Wells, Alexander Comer, Ash Mills, Athanasios Skarlatos, Becky Smout, Claire McClaughry, David Chalmers, Deke Morton, Emyr Jenkins, Erica Taylor, Inna Sleptsova, Jamey Kirton, Jordan Thompson, Julia Wells, Leanne Reed, Paul Banister, Paul Chaland, Paul Edwards, Peter Jesson, Philip Hindle, Richard McClaughry, Stuart Maine, Tim Page, Zoe Kirton
UglyDolls uses Unreal® Engine., Unreal® is a trademark or registered trademark of Epic Games, Inc. in the United States of America and elsewhere., Unreal® Engine, Copyright 1998 - 2019, Epic Games, Inc. All rights reserved.
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.   Software © 2019 Outright Games Limited. All Rights Reserved

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (192654)