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Defunct Games (Jun 13, 2018)
I implore you; do not sleep on this game. West of Loathing is not some stripped down adventure game, it's a masterclass in how to write and construct an irresistibly original Wild West RPG. This game is funny, charming, inventive and, best of all, expertly designed. I had a giant grin on my face for the entire playthrough, and there's not much I would want to change about this game. West of Loathing is easily one of the best games on the Switch.
Switch Player (Jun 04, 2018)
The amount of humour, fun and character within West of Loathing is astounding. Repetition in the turn based battles is the only slight in an otherwise amazing game. DLC is on the way too, and I for one cannot wait for it.
Nintendo Life (Jul 19, 2018)
West of Loathing is not your average RPG; in fact we’d go so far as to say you’ve probably never played anything quite like it in your life. Its combat won’t blow you away but don’t be lulled into believing that’s what this game is about, as really the whole thing is an adventure in exploration and interaction with a bit of fighting sprinkled in. It can occasionally be a little bit difficult to decipher, but the satisfaction felt upon working out a problem totally makes up for it. The humour is as wonderfully dry as the desert you’re traversing and the writing is some of the best you can find on the Switch. Unless you’ve not got a humorous bone in your body, this is one RPG you can’t risk skipping.
Cubed3 (Jun 09, 2018)
While this is obviously not Red Dead Redemption or anything of the sort, West of Loathing proves to be truly entertaining for what it is. The huge amount of text to read through to really appreciate the humour may be deterring to some of the audience, as much of the events and details are conveyed solely through the text on-screen, and the simplistic aesthetic may not do this game any favours to attract attention, but let nobody be fooled as this is indeed a truly awesome story to sit through.
NintendoWorldReport (May 31, 2018)
West of Loathing succeeds by making you giggly and happy while you play it. Treating this game like a super-serious RPG is the wrong way to go about it, as that’s where the holes start to emerge, whether it’s the middling combat or the mildly annoying quest and item management troubles. This is a comedy, pure and simple, and thankfully it’s one that’s clever and funny in a way that makes up for any lesser gameplay segments. It’s a great chaser between the ample supply of serious games out there, especially if you have Stupid Walking turned on.
Switch Era (Jun 11, 2018)
However with comedy being so subjective and its main selling point I'd recommend just watching a brief bit of gameplay for twenty minutes to see if the humour is your cup of tea and if it is, I'd highly recommend checking West of Loathing out. It's absurdity never ceases to amaze me and it certainly is one to be sipped and played slowly like the whiskey that would've filled the saloons (and stomachs) found in the wild west.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Jun 22, 2018)
Ontwikkelaar Asymmetric laat in deze westelijk gelegen sequel van Kingdom of Loathing niet alleen de pistolen maar ook de grappen lustig knallen. Als een van drie beschikbare klassen (Cow Puncher, Beanslinger en Snake Oiler: goed voor klassike fighter, wizard en rogue indeling) trek je naar het Westen op zoek naar geluk en fortuin en loop je niet alleen bandieten tegen het lijf, maar ook geesten, skeletten en demonische koeien die je in turnbased mode kan bekampen. De game heeft een hoog fetch quest-gehalte, maar is niettemin een aanrader.