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Switchblade II Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

This is obviously the title screen.
This is the beginning of the game. You have a gun and a knife at your disposal.
Eat hamburgers to restore your health.
I have to watch out for that flying enemy. If it hits me, it pushes me off the elevator I'm standing on. If you fall to far in this game, you will get injured.
A huge cannon firing at me. It's easy to avoid being hit, as it always fire in the same directions.
In the shops, you can buy better weapons, and other useful stuff, like ammunition and extra lives.
I have upgraded my gun into a flamethrower.
This is from the third level. Enemies are attacking from the sky...
At the end of each level, you will face a difficult boss.

Lynx version

ROM load screen
Title screen
Level 1 gameplay
Shops exist every few levels. Pay for items using money you find on each level
End boss of level 2
A level successfully completed
Not all levels are outside