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PSPGood Game (Dec 12, 2007)
Music is very “I’m in terrorism land” but it’s still awesome. I loved the original, and this one just as much JUNG, offline and online. I’m giving it a 9.5. Underwater levels are stupid but I always get a kick out of using bad guys as a human shield.
PSPGood Game (Dec 12, 2007)
I found the AI a bit inconsistent with enemies- sometimes running into walls or not reacting when being shot at - but the this is portable gaming to the max, I’m giving it 9.
PSPGame Informer Magazine (Nov, 2007)
Logan's Shadow is what every sequel should be - a giant step forward that shows a mastery of its craft.
PSPGame Informer Magazine (Nov, 2007)
Gabe might not get the respect of the Solid Snakes of the world, but Syphon Filter fans will always know where to go for a less cerebral brand of sneaking and shooting.
85 (Jan 05, 2008)
To be honest, Dark Mirror was so good that Sony Bend could have got away with slapping a fresh story and some new levels around the same engine and been done with it. To their credit there's a real attempt with Logan's Shadow to push things forward, it may not all work (swimming, yuck) but when it does it makes an already good game even better. It's still obviously Syphon Filter so if you don't like that kind of thing then tough, but if proof was needed that Dark Mirror wasn't a one off fluke then the polished excellence of Logan's Shadow should be more than enough.
There are reasons some people are calling Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow the best game of 2007 for the PSP. With a good storyline and controls that don't make you want to throw your system once you get used to them, this game makes a gread addition to your PSP library and is yet another reason the system is great for people over the age of 15. If you're getting tired of all of the awesome RPG's out for the PSP, give this one a try. You won't be dissapointed.
80 (UK) (Nov 18, 2007)
It's not all a bed of roses though. The AI varies from incredibly dumb to possessing an almost Colin Powell-esque ability to spot things even if there's no physical evidence of them and the controls, whilst operational, are never really intuitive and can make lining up headshots incredibly difficult. Other than that though, Syphon Filter delivers in every other respect and even puts many PS2 shooters to shame.
PSPGameSpy (Oct 02, 2007)
Sony Bend dedicated itself to making the greatest stealth combat game available for the PSP, which is no mean feat considering that it already did so once. If you can master Logan's Shadow's complexities, you're in for the most rewarding stealth combat experience available on the PSP. But it's a game that demands a lot from its players, and the PSP is just not a good fit for a game with such an elaborate control scheme. Those who liked Dark Mirror will love Logan's Shadow, but that doesn't change the fact that it remains an unapologetically complex game that isn't likely to broaden its core audience.
PSPExtreme Gamer (Oct 11, 2007)
If you enjoyed Dark Mirror than Logan’s Shadow is a no brainer. Logan’s Shadow gives gamers that big console feel and shrinks it down to a portable size which is an accomplishment in itself. Improved, and online, Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow tops its last entry and proving that size doesn’t matter and lightning can and strike the same spot twice. Sophisticated and action packed, Logan’s Shadow is an excellent showcase for the PSP bringing another excellent Gabe Logan adventure into the handheld market.
PSPUOL Jogos (Oct 08, 2007)
"Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow" herda o bom trabalho de "Dark Mirror" e continua fazendo com que a série sobre agentes secretos seja uma das melhores para o PSP. Trata-se de um jogo que oferece ação e diversão, sem precisar fazer concessões diante das limitações do portátil. Os controles foram adaptados de forma excelente e a produção é digna de títulos para consoles de mesa. Além disso, as outras modalidades, principalmente o multiplayer, são bons motivos para continuar jogando mesmo depois de terminada a campanha principal. Se "Syphon Filter" estava desacreditado nos consoles, retornou com força total no PSP.
PSPGameCell UK (2007)
The high production values of the last game have been carried over and it’s in the visuals where it most shows. Smoke and water effects look lovely and the FMV sections between missions are stunning on the PSP’s widescreen. A decent musical score finishes off a very polished package. One of the best the PSP has to offer.
PSPDeaf Gamers (Jan 30, 2008)
It was very disappointing to see how Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror for the PlayStation 2 didn’t cater for deaf gamers at all. Thankfully Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow is much better in this respect and deaf gamers get to follow all of the dialogue this time around and are aware of what needs to be done in each of the game’s missions. The game isn’t perfect by any means. The storyline, lacklustre AI and a default control system (you probably going to want to pick the alternate ‘Classic’ control scheme rather that the awkward default one). Despite these problems, Logan’s Shadow is enjoyable and offers great value for money (it can be bought for £17.99 online) with a lengthy single-player game and multiplayer options. It’s also one of the better action games that you can currently purchase on the PSP.
75 (Nov 28, 2007)
Sans mauvais jeu de mots, je serais tenté de dire que Logan's Shadow n'est que l'ombre de Dark Mirror. Dispensant quelques nouveautés, proposant une aventure aussi longue que son prédécesseur, le jeu reste un très bon épisode de la saga Syphon Filter même si on aurait apprécié que les problèmes d'IA fussent réglés. Probablement pour un prochain épisode.
PlayStation 2GamingTrend (2010)
If you have read this entire review and you’re thinking that Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow is a bad game, then I promise you it is not. It was a great game on the PSP, but when playing it on the PS2 from your couch, with surround sound and a TV bigger than a post card, the game is simply average. It has solid 3rd person shooter gameplay, but it’s nothing special when compared to other PS2 shooters. If you try to compare it to recent PS3 or 360 shooters then you will really be disappointed. If you already own the PSP version then there is no real reason to buy the PS2 port. But, if you don’t own a PSP and you’re still clinging to your 10 year old PS2, then you will find a decent 3rd person shooter with Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow. I just hope that Sony moves on with the series and develops an updated PS3 version sometime soon.
PSPConsoles Plus (Dec, 2007)
La 3D demeure toujours aussi fine pour la console et l'on reprend du service avec un certain plaisir. Sur le plan de la jouabilité, Syphon Filter est l'une des rares séries PSP à rendre plaisante la visée via les boutons. Grâce aussi, il faut bien l'avouer, à une IA des ennemis très perfectibles, offrant assez de permissivité dans les combats. Une bonne série B qui s'assume, mais qui sent le déjà-vu !
PlayStation 2TotalPlayStation (Aug 01, 2010)
While the overall game doesn't suffer nearly as much as one would expect from a PSP-to-PS2 port, the lack of multiplayer and inherent PSP-ness of it all really only confirms that this nearly three year old title should have stayed on its home platform.
PSPVideo Games Daily (Mar 10, 2008)
Logan's Shadow isn't worth it as a full price release, as it is basically the same game as its precursor Dark Mirror. That isn't to say it's a bad game however, it just smacks of laziness and there isn't much point in a purchase unless you're obsessed with the series, have so much money you're named after a bank or if you're stupid. I'm torn. It's good, it's too similar... Hmm... Call it a... 6? Just because it's such a rehash.