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Taito's Super Space Invaders Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

One of the aliens you'll meet in the game
Meet the programmer
Game Type Select
Zone Select
Our hero preparing his ship for battle
The beginning
A spaceship flies by
"Good God", gasped Gerald, "Look at the size of those invaders!"
Cattle Mutilation
Cattle Mutilation Statistics
One of the Round 2 levels

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Another title screen
High scores
Main menu
First level
Second level
Second level, second wave
Second level, third wave
Third level
Earned some shields

Arcade version

Game begins
Next location
Super laser
Enemies circle
Yet another wave
Protect cows
In space
Space crabs

Atari ST version

Loading screen
Title screen
From the intro
Select game type
Normal game level selection
The first level
Enemies flying in formation
Bonus level!
Protect the cattle
The result of the cattle mutilation level
Big colorful enemies
First level in advanced game mode
Shoot the right ones so that you don't end up with a lot of big enemies
They split when you hit them
Game over

Commodore 64 version

Just one of the aliens you'll encounter in the game
Zone Select Screen
The Beginning
Shoot the spinning pyramid for a power-up
Yellow Barricades
Whoa. Look at the size of those invaders
Cattle Mutilation
Cattle Mutilation Statistics
A view to die for
Docking Bay
There are those big invaders again
No matter where you go, you always see a solar eclipse
A close-up view of the solar eclipse
Nice view. Isn't that New Chicago?
Isn't that Space Station Mir?
That looks like a huge elevator shaft

DOS version

Game title from animated intro movie
intro cartoon - VGA
intro story - VGA
The familiar aliens - VGA
shields in place - VGA
Cattle mutilation! - VGA
bug attack - VGA
intro cartoon - EGA
level 1 - EGA
cattle mutilation bonus level - EGA
space station - EGA
intro cartoon - CGA
in 4 colors backgrounds were wisely left off - CGA
level select - CGA

Game Gear version

Title screen
Stage selection
Stage 1
Cattle mutilation round
Bonus calculation
On to the next round
Game over
The name entry is just like Uridium 2

SEGA Master System version

Introduction Sequence
Zone Select
The Beginning. Nice skyline, by the way
Shoot the passing spaceship for a power-up
Using a power-up
"Good God!", whispered Gerald, "Look at the size of those invaders"
Cattle Mutilation
Cattle Mutilation Statistics
Nice view from up here, mate
Little white men in space
Fighting the invaders inside a volcano
Three invaders separating from the pack
Two protective barriers
Nice view
A ring of invaders
"Good God!", whispered Gerald, "What a magnificent 'Game Over' screen that is"

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen
Second load screen
The first of two credit screens
The pre-populated hi-score table, 'Great Splendid Heads'
Game options. It is possible to have two players using the keyboard and to define keys for both of them
Start of game. Player 2's screen screen shows even though this is a 1 player game. The marker at the bottom in the middle divides player 1 & 2's area - though each player can go to extreme right/left
Just checking the 'Pause' function.
The game really starts now
The invaders descend quickly. I've barely got a shot off and look how far down they've come!
I hit the big ship and it's dropping a pod labelled 'P'
They've nearly landed and I just lost a life. Pretty explosion though
Game over. Press 'FIRE' to play again or wait for the timer to run down.
The timer runs out and I have a high score, which means I get to join the great Splendid Heads. After this the hi-score screen is redisplayed and then it's back to load screen 2